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up till now I actually liked the ban - reduced competition with ICX - but we’ll see - I’m sitting on about 1000 of them so seriously hoping it moons someday :slight_smile:


Well, look at the positives. These are ICO’s that can now be launched on the Icon platform, which has had a monstrous head start on other platforms that may emerge. That’s certainly not a bad thing. :slight_smile:


This is turning out to be fairly accurate, we may have already bottomed


We, ICX holders are like those children in the cave. The help is on its way. Fingers crossed.


By far one of the most critical things to do during a bottoming market, is to get your memes in order. I can’t think of a more efficient way to spend ones time. You do no want to be caught in the middle of a raging bull-market, meme-less.


Now…if they made it a law to use ICON, then we can start the moonshow. Cuz that would be insane.


a man after my own heart.

i’m always in meme consolidation phase. i’m a heavy bag holder :slight_smile:


@K_Godel apart from stockpiling memes like the man in the photo does missiles how are you preparing the eventual bull run that will inevitably come again? Albeit could be a while yet!

For people who genuinely believe in what they’ve invested in …then right now is a great time to load up on positions, but for those not so hardy… right now is a tough time indeed.

I’m pretty cliche’d out with words like “ remember why you got into crypto”
“ remember the holders of many moons ago who held through times like these” ect. … I think if you’ve held up until now, then you should give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not been easy, but the good times will come again… that is a point we should always remind ourselves. No matter how bleak things get, only the strong will survive.

Hope everyone is holding strong, and staying focused to all their own personal goals…no matter how big or small.


I’ve been slowly learning some T.A. on the side.
Curious if it looks like ICX just had a death cross… does that mean consolidation in this case or would be headed for more of a temporary dip? seems to look pretty red with the sell orders
The prices are great but a little exhausting to find the bottom.
It kind of looks like we might test .0002451


My favorite: “buy when there’s blood on the streets” :elrisitaslaugh:


you missed the token swap (icx, ven, eos, whatever)
ur erc’s are locked and burned and ded,
ermm, we’re discontinuing wallet support (morpheus)

too early to set it n forget it


I really don’t understand why someone would want to use a wallet that isn’t the most mainstream and supported one. Seems risky. When it comes to choosing a wallet it is no time to be a hipster.


Very well said. Very well said.


Is it really just a coincidence that South Korea is going to lift the ICO ban the same time their homegrown platform, ICON, gets its mainnet? So now all future Korean ICOs can use ICON instead of Ethereum? :tinfoilhat:


What does @peter say? Inquiring minds want to know…


We’ve talked about this in discord voice chat…
@nimik - It would seem reasonable to notice that coincidence.


I’m a tried and true ICX believer :pray: I know its a winner.

@peter what time do you all chat in discord? With the time zone difference I need to put it on my calendar. Also want to know what has probably already been asked and answered…is there going to be a yen.io presale or some such opportunity for the pub?


So I just loaded up on a bag of ICX. I’ve been a little out of the loop on the main net launch. Once trading is open again on Binance will I be able to transfer these as coins to the ICONex wallet? Any word on when the swap ends?


Probably in 3 months or so…


That long? Ffggghffghhg