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Yes, all patreons will know first when we’re ready to onboard first testers!


“how are you preparing the eventual bull run that will inevitably come again?”

  1. Sharpening the blade as always (via attending conferences and events, sharing experiences, reading holistically on a diversified array of subjects - TA, economic principles, theoretical physics, power law, startups, human psychology, advanced ai, Genomics/Nanotech/Robotics in general, most things that relate to monetary systems/tech/science and their interplay with the human mind are good really; but I also like to learn other varied subjects to draw parallels)

  2. With Power Law in mind - contribute my skill-sets to this maturing crypto economy, where I firmly believe that the handful of winners in this arena will eventually attain valuations in the trillions; and the vast majority of others will be worth zero.

  3. Cutting down professional attire budget, as I will not need to adhere to business dress while I work from home office in my post-career life


Let the record show: i never used morpheus you guys. ijs.


As @airbaker said, I’m Godeling! It’s like HODLing but but wiser. :money_mouth_face:


did a large token swap 24hr + 10min ago and the mainnets aren’t showing up yet lulz heh :sweat_smile:


This is the plan I intend to follow come the next bull cycle of ICX:


I did my swap earlier today and I am praying like crazy! :pray: Right now its a big zero tokens.


Keep us updated.

I went with an exchange.


i just bought a bag today. Will those be coins? Or still tokens? I’m on Binance.


If you bought on Binance today, they will be native ICX coins.


Great news.


Prepare to be a bit patient. Both times I’ve swapped I had to wait over 36 hours.


Great news! Especially the lowering of the fee.


I don’t see the Binance transactions on the ICON tracker. Technically does Binance keep the transactions and wallet balances in their own booking system and only the withdrawals and deposits can be seen on the tracker?



Great! Was wondering why it was 5% in red this past hour. Now I know :+1:t2:


Yeah Binance only transacts withdrawals and deposits on the Icon chain. If they handled all transactions on-chain they would be a decentralized exchange. Unfortunately they still control the coins when they are in their accounts, so any movement back and forth is on their servers only.


If BTC spills further now with ICX in an already weakened sats value, we could be in for some cheap prices. I’m hopeful for sub $1 before I release the fiat. :beetconnect::chart_with_downwards_trend:


I thought we were waiting on ICO prices? :beetconnect: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :man_shrugging:t2:


there would have to be a cataclysmic event to hit ICO prices, but damn this is pretty low, especially with the main net running live and well


Instead of predicting the highs for the year, we should also guess the lows.

:crystal_ball: $0.63