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could be, yeah … since we are closer to ICO price than ATH’s :rofl: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :man_shrugging:t2:

My guess $0.95 if BTC goes to the -so called- 4.5k-5k range the :bear: would like to see it at.


I bought a bunch of ICX yesterday and now it’s worthless. I’m sure if I Tether right now, ICX will moon.


worth less, worthless means something quite different :slight_smile:


That’s why you dont buy a " Bunch " in one day, try a little bit everyday or just put buy order every 1 or 2k sats


do you mind moving to tether then please? could do with a pump


With the billions taken out of this market, most :bear:'s are really :cow:'s waiting on their re-entry price.

The more coins I can add down here the less I need to take off the table on the way back up for my % targets. The more the bearish this market gets the more greedy one should become. Focus more on the potential % gains than predicting a coins future price.


BTC has a high 43.2% dominance atm too, would like to see it in the steady 15%~ range.

Too much BTC influence at current levels, heck even 15% might be a lot for many as well.


Hey guys, long time. I took a break from trading and went on holiday to get away from the screens all day. I came back last weekend and I didn’t really want to spoil the party as I noticed high bullish sentiment in the sub in the past couple of days.

Anyhow, the dump isn’t surprising to me, considering the following.

Bitcoin fell from $9,980 to $8,000. From $8,000, it went up to $8,500 and fell again to $7,000. From $7,000, it went up to $7,700 and fell again to $6,100. From $6,100, it went up to $6,700 and fell again to $5,800.

Now being the latest one in the series, we went up from $5,800 to $6,700. You be the judge and decide what will happen next…

My views are that the interest is lost and it won’t be coming back until we make extreme lows, that too won’t just come back in 2 weeks or so, it will take some time. Once the interest is back, only then can we expect another bull rally. Same really goes for ICX, it won’t get any positive price action without BTC going upwards. Best of luck to you all.




:confusedtravolta: :rofl:

I agree interest in buying crypto is declining, but I don’t think general interest is. This dump isn’t surprising to me either, considering there was never a strong rally on high volume. Everyone gets excited on a $100 BTC daily green candle these days. :speaking_head: this is the real rally this time!!


Hope you had a great vacation.


Staking soon lets go


Psych! lol it worked out just fine

BTW, another above comment, how do you know binance icx market are mainnet tokens? ?


i can verify it works. transferred my bag off binance this morning


ffs another day another rekt… damn i want to sell 40% now but im down 90% from ath. i want to sell but i dont want to sell at 90% down and after hodling for 6 months downtrend… muh heart cant take a 1$ icx


You’ve come this far my friend, if you can just try and step away for a week or two. If you really can’t no one is going to hold it against you, only you know what is best.

But don’t forget this is all part of the bigger picture. These assets we are invested in are so infant in their roadmaps, if you believe in the cryptocurrencies over the next 5 years then right now is just another blip in a overall growing trend.




sadly icx didnt hit my first profit point. i would have cashed out a bit and changed some over to btc and all would be fine. i think its very likely that btc will be there after a 2 year down phase but im not so sure about icx. (i think icx is awesone! but still its new). and that is what i dont like atm. i wont switch icx to btc or to $ cuz i hodld so long downwards. + if i trade i have to pay tax - wont do that with more than 10% of my stack ever. so all i can do is hope but it dont looks good for now


My ICX has been sitting on my Trezor for months. Do I need to do the swap by a certain deadline or am I ok? Thanks guys


You have until September 25th, 2018 to perform the swap on the Iconex wallet.