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Binance has reopened deposits and withdrawals for ICX!


Anyone know the transactions per second for the icon blockchain? I know they had previously claimed around 9000 a second but unsure if that’s soon or now.


I cant understand why would you want to sell on its all time low? its when people should hodl :man_shrugging:t2: the oportunity to sell on ATH is long gone, so what gives if you hodl and hope for the best now at this point?


this a beautiful thing right h’yeuh
but screw tron


CBOE filed for a BTC ETF. They probably have the highest chance of being granted a license. If this is approved BTC will smash a new ATH and ICX (and everything else) will follow.

The bears have a strangle hold on this small retail market and that will likely continue until some major catalyst (such as an ETF) kicks their ass.


yea i wont sell ciz i hodld all the way down… but msybe it would be better even now at atl cuz i think we will see a lower atl. btc at 4500 seems more likely than an end of bearish trend imo and we know what btc at 4500 means for icx


was watching a video on that matter


Ask yourself - Are you prepared emotionally to give chance looking for loose change down the bottom of an elevator shaft stuck between the 1st and 2nd floors, knowing full-well the car has been known to take off to above the 10th, with velocity measured in days?



This bear market


the meme is wrong cause all the males should have a BTC logo :man_shrugging:t2: :sweat_smile:


I did the same thing. Bought the dip. But then it just kept dipping. :chart_with_downwards_trend:


Where did you get this from? Asking for a friend.


After extensive research i´m lead to believe she´s called Piper Perri my friend


Thanks. I’m going to go let my friend know. I’ll be back in about 5 minutes.


Hey… Here to just clarify one thing. Do we still have time to convert our ERC-20 ICX to the Mainnet ICX? When is the due date? Do they plan Hardware wallet support?


Yes, you will need to swap your tokens if you haven’t done so yet. The deadline to do so is September 25th, 2018. Here is a guide to help…

Note - Once you have converted your ERC20 tokens to ICX coins you will no longer be able to store them anywhere other than the Iconex wallet or an exchange. Hardware support is underway but is not yet available. Many are opting to wait until hardware support becomes available to complete their swap using the Iconex wallet.


Token Swap schedule

  1. Exchanges: Deposit your ERC20 ICX tokens to the exchange until;
  • Binance: 2018.6.20 (09:00,UTC+9) (For details, click here)
  • Upbit: 2018.6.20 (22:00,UTC+9) (For details, click here)
  • Bithumb: 2018.6.21 (22:00,UTC+9)(For details, click here)
  1. ICONex: You can swap your ERC20 ICX tokens to mainnet ICX coins using the token swap feature of ICONex starting from 2018.06.25(13:00,UTC+9) until 2018.09.25(13:00,UTC+9)


Yep. I would like to wait for it too. Thank you and @GrillingWithGuns.

I’m currently very busy with the pub community project. Once again, thanks for the fast response.


Thank you! I just checked and still nothing…