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The price of ICX will likely bottom at the same time as BTC bottoms, which personally I feel is $5k. I’ll be loading up at that target, regardless of Sat value. :slight_smile:

PS. I’m looking forward to $5k, as I feel that’s going to be the catalyst for a high volume rebound, rather than a typical dead cat bounce or bull trap.


Never 1.00usd bro mark my words!



Haven’t heard that one… But now I’ve found my new tattoo :clinking_glasses:


We’ll see soon enough. We’re in uncharted territory now.


Exactly. Charts don’t matter down here.

Imagine if you were a big dick Whale with deep pockets and you know how solid icon is would you not spend a few million on this?

Man is sell my left testicle to buy at these prices if I could :thinking:



But there’s always the right?


The right has already been sold :sweat_smile:


So…bitcoin was @ $2600 this time last year? CBOE is getting ready for another attempt at an ETF?

Anyone watch the trailer park boys? Cause there’s a shitstorm brewing…


Let the organ selling begin.



More (unverfied) good news, we’re definitely going sub $1 guys.


Fortunately icon connected her insurance company direct to the hospital taking away any worry’s during her final hours :fist:


This ETF news is actually the only thing that’s creating a bit of emotional fomo for me. I’m preparing myself for another 8 to 12 months of bearishness TBH. But I’ve got a feeling the CBOE submition covers the majority of the concerns this time. What else could cause the SEC to say no this time?



That’s what I wanted to know earlier. I heard its quick.

Nice find


So, waiting for a 1.20 ICX!


Well said Dutty! Nice to see all the love right now. What a difference a week makes.


Any chance that you can elaborate on this for those of us who are out of the loop? Thanks!


40k thread posts later think we’re true hodlers now :joy:



Traded MFT (whatever that is) today and picked up all kinds of extra ICX. Now considering Tether.


I feel something big is brewing in Korea. Been watching them grow and progress since last year. Really like what’s going on over there.

The flagship event of the entire week is the Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul scheduled for July 17th and July 18th. Beyond Blocks have put together an agenda “focused on the most controversial topics in the current blockchain space” to be discussed in-depth by industry-leaders, including Galaxy Digital’s CEO Michael Novogratz and ICON Foundation’s JH Kim

When discussing Beyond Blocks decision to pick Seoul as a location Gabriel explained that there’s so much going on in the Korean market, and one of the things that Korea really wants to do is “connect with the rest of the world.”