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if you sold at $12 and bought back now. well then. wow

peter gonna be dusting off his scooper soon


We all still got high hopes for ICX?


Absolutely, considering all the partnerships, government backing and collaborations with Universities etc… ICX is probably the most undervalued crypto out there.


Freakin Ridiculous.
Anyone that did that made a killing.


Price action is not always indicative of potential value, as nothing has changed with ICON except the price. In fact, one could easily argue that the project has progressed as the price has declined. As such my expectations have not shifted, and I remain as confident as ever. I came into crypto understanding that the market would take awhile to mature, so this lull really isn’t bothering me. Good times ahead for those who remain optimistic, and even better for those who keep accumulating. :slight_smile:


What I need to do is work smarter faster so I can convert fiat into precious ICX! These prices are making me FOMO.

Most of us know crypto isn’t going anywhere and we know ICON is the best platform when it comes to real world use case.

Any ideas on how to raise some spare dollar bills y’all?


Very nice to see we don’t have anyone overly panicking about the current price action. I think we all know this is what is is at the moment so no point crying about it.

We’re a good bunch!

Keep strong :muscle:


On a related note, this correction could be the best thing ever for projects that have solid fundamentals, such as ICON. During the bull run, far too many shitcoins were gaining large market share, as people were buying simply because of the herd mentality.

Now that prices have tanked, those naive people will hopefully be more hesitant to buy into such nonsense, resulting in projects like ICON having far higher market share. That means that when the market does get back to the previous ATH ($800 billion or so), that ICX could see significantly higher prices this time around without requiring a higher overall market cap.


Which of you clowns are selling at this level?! :joy:


Planning on picking more up at 2000 Satoshis then again at 1500.


Hear it loud and clear.

We will never see a 1.00usd icx! I don’t care if Bitcoin crashes to 3k ICX will be swallowed up before it reaches 1.00usd.

Im gonna buy it all at 1.01usd :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Anyone wanna buy a spare kidney?


@Evergreen im a sucker for a good bargain, how much? :laughing:

@Duttydirtz never say never my friend!


We haven’t seen lower than 0.000215 since midway through day 6 on the market. That would be interesting…


Well, as they say : “the more desperate times get, the better looking the hookers”. :rofl:


The price of ICX will likely bottom at the same time as BTC bottoms, which personally I feel is $5k. I’ll be loading up at that target, regardless of Sat value. :slight_smile:

PS. I’m looking forward to $5k, as I feel that’s going to be the catalyst for a high volume rebound, rather than a typical dead cat bounce or bull trap.


Never 1.00usd bro mark my words!



Haven’t heard that one… But now I’ve found my new tattoo :clinking_glasses:


We’ll see soon enough. We’re in uncharted territory now.


Exactly. Charts don’t matter down here.

Imagine if you were a big dick Whale with deep pockets and you know how solid icon is would you not spend a few million on this?

Man is sell my left testicle to buy at these prices if I could :thinking: