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My friend, when i posted that BTC was at 7k, and within a few weeks it was nearly 10k. I play the market, if the market is bouncing ofc i’m going to play the bounce for some profits. But also I have learnt since then too, i learn more everyday about this market. Knowledge is power.


If BTC heads to $5K or lower ICX will trade below $1.00. Nothing will withstand BTC’s gravitational force.


We all learn. I want to know what you read, the parts that spoke to you, and how it influenced your decision, what you did, and how it is turning out.

Use any charts? Patterns? Gut feeling?


Knowledge is power and I hope one day to be smart enough on TA to make money and play the market successfully like you have done.

I believe we are an ETF approval announcement away from some major price rocket action. Selling now might be the worse thing you could do. You just have to make your own judgement on that.

I’m hodling


I like these FUD battles. This thread was getting kind of boring and needed a little kick.


@Danosaurs your post 6 months later:

My friend, when i posted that BTC was at 6k, and within a few months it was nearly 20k. I play the market, if the market is bouncing ofc i’m going to play the bounce for some profits. But also I have learnt since then too, i learn more everyday about this market. Knowledge is power.

We holders didn’t spend any time on exchanges and lost nothing. You spent your time on exchanges and earn money with it…everybody is happy. But until then: will you fight here? :slight_smile:


Mainly just learning the transition from Stocks to Cyrpto. I started in with 0 knowladge of crypto, and tried playing bitcoin like i would have a normal stock, and it didn’t work, that cooped with initial fomo and no knowladge of the projects, made me lose money.

Since then I have studied crypto patterns and charts, found a good TA system that for me works well where i can buy bounces and short resistances. I find though TA works best when looking at market sentiment for example looking at shorts vs longs ratio, how big influencers are thinking ect. It gives a big advantage of prodicting the market.

You know i do understand hodlers, they want to be in the crypto space, but don’t have any knowladge of TA to be buying and selling for more coins/profit. I wish the best for everybody here, and although my comments may come off as FUD or negative, i’m just being real with what i predict, you need a balence, and all these positive comments, especially in this bear market need to have a counter argument.

Could BTC bounce to 10k tomorrow, yes sure, but it would 100% be news driven. Looking from the charts it’s more likely we see 5k than 10k within the week for example. I’m happy to give my advice to anyone that would be interested, i don’t proclaim to be god, just an experienced trader.

EDIT: One life change that happened to me was going to South America and seeing the poverty there and how happy they are with no money. I use to be very materialistic, cars, clothes ect. but after this experience it changed my life. Money is good, but it will not bring you happiness. I guess what i want to say related to bitcoin is don’t let the greed get the better of you, putting in stacks now for hypothetical future gains.

Emotions cause us to react. Logic dictates that we stay disciplined. Patience and focus will get us to where we want to be.



Let’s see that system you talked about that allows you to buy bounces and short resistances. Maybe I can integrate it into my own.


The old wild west had gun-slingers & the new crypto wild west has Fud-slingers keep it up guys it brightens up my day and stops me from looking a CMC every hour. :+1::sunglasses:


haha little plug here, but i would say i have very recently started to make Bitcoin TA videos on youtube, where i show the methods i use to find my entry and exit points. https://www.youtube.com/daniel4k I’m going to start taking the videos more seriously going forward, and could incorporate lesson videos for TA.


Would be great to see it. Looking over your videos now.

How about a video with the fundamentals of the “Danosaurs” stratagem and how you would implement them? Of course, not just looking at one chart, but ideally, multiple charts and coins at once to see how the pattern is universally applied and not a retroactive viewing of just what the single chart looks like. I’ve seen way too many people give “TA” on charts where they just explain in words what the chart, BBs, MCAs, etc, did and gave no pattern or otherwise useful strategy.

Do you agree?


I will be taking a look at your video’s also as I am just a long longterm BTC holder but would possibly like to get into TA at some point to improve my position. Cheers


Personally i use a mix of support and resistance horizontal lines, macd, rsi, volume profiles, stoch rsi, BBs. But i will try to explain my whole strategy in a video to explain fully, and try and help out those just starting their adventure into TA, i recommend picking up a few trading books too.

just posting my view using cloud too

Currently I am waiting to see if we can break and hold $6400 (daily middle bollinger) to open a long position. if $6200 breaks it will be a very good opportunity to short for 5k target where the next major support is.($5700 will be tetsed one too many times imo to hold).


I don’t think having a bearish view is considered FUD. Calling crypto a ponzi and everything a scam is FUD.

It is possivle to have a bearish view and believe in the long term fundamentals. Those things are not mutually exclusive.


Keep in mind that this isn’t a trading forum, but rather a general cryptocurrency forum. There’s a lot more to it than discussing charts.

What I mean by that, is that your conviction lies in your ability to analyze charts and turn a profit. Your perspective is focused on short time frames.

Most of the forum however are not traders, and instead have conviction in the technology (meaning that it could potentially cause an economic or sociopolitical revolution). They’re focused on long term growth. Although price matters to us all, the short term price is far less important at this particular stage. After all, if you believe the price will eventually go to $100, then buying the dip at any price this low is a great way to accumulate.

That being said, I did take profits and sold several thousand ICX when it was above $10. The majority I will HODL to zero if need be, as I’m focused on the long term potential. What the price does between now and then doesn’t really matter to me, as I’m in this for the long haul.

I respect you as a trader, but I also respect people who believe in the tech, and are accumulating regardless of price. :slight_smile:


as long as this ICX topic does not turn into another shill fest, we are ok :man_shrugging:t2: :rofl::beetconnect:


I’ve noticed a trend. I check this thread every few hours and when there is 20+ posts since the last time I looked, it’s either a troll feeding session, a FUD battle, or positive activity with ICX.


Must. Not. Shill. :zipper_mouth_face:


Must . Not. FOMO :beetconnect: :man_shrugging:t2:



This market is either feast or famine.