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It’s both… I put fiat in and live a slightly less comfortable life… and it goes down in value… therefore it feasts on my famine :stuck_out_tongue:


Many folks need to realize that, yes, TA can help you in some small capacity; but this is generally easy. TA is great for identifying trends, especially short term swings - but in a small, young market such as this, you will fail to project out larger term trends well in advance. Manipulation always plays a part.

Feeling conviction almost to the point of ordainment during market bottoms in light of this, after-the-fact, does not make you seem intelligent.


I hear what your saying there brother, ever time I dive in with the filthy fiat it task a big chunk out of my arse (ass) but I know one day it will give it all back to me with interest so I am going to put up with living a little less comfortable for as long as it take. :+1::sunglasses:


As a trader, you need to have more faith in the TA you make (and the conclusions you draw from it), than in anyone else’s. If you find yourself reading comments and flipping your trades to the other side, you’re allowing yourself to be susceptible to opposing viewpoints. Worst case, minimize your position or go flat if you now have doubt. If you flip your trade and it ends up going the way you originally thought it would, demoralization ensues. A trader affected by a demoralized sense of judgement is worthless. Our sense of judgement also immediately becomes impaired as soon as we enter a trade because we are now biased. The only way to regain clarity, if need be, is to go flat. It’s easier to get back in the market than get out of it.


Ur the least retweeted trading genius on the internet , I’m glad ur so so we don’t miss out on the meta


brilliant troll account, top work…


Glad you’re doing well. Always nice making gains. :ok_hand:

I think your confusing trading with investing, it’s definitely possible to make money in markets without using technical analysis as the core of your decision making.
Think warren is a pretty good example of this albeit he has a negative view of crypto but I generally put this down to a lack of understanding or even need to understand, he’s also openly admitted Making wrong judgments in the past.
I think the thing that can’t be stressed enough is never over extend yourself whether that be investing or trading.


Just for lol’s will someone set up a poll to ask who bought into icx based off of ( @Duttydirtz specifically ) shilling in the pub :joy:
I personally don’t know what kinda voodoo shit he pulled on me but I signed up to the pub, read one of his posts then woke up a week later in a puddle of piss And 2k icx on a nano S.


Seconds thoughts don’t :joy:

I actually think anyone who’s bought on someone else’s call and lost money have paid the price for an invaluable lesson. Which will most likely hold them in better stead for making better decisions in the future.


Dude…TA has failed several times.
Dont speak as if its flawless.
This market is random as hell, so TA is more along the lines of an educated guess IMO.


TA works 100% of the time when people predict “the price could bounce off this line and go up, or it could fail this line and go down. Perhaps it levels for a bit”


I think there’s definitely money to be made being a skilled trader within any market but I also agree the percentage of people who try and fail to be good traders far out weighs the profitable ones, there Could be a case to argue that people who post saying trading is the answer to everyone’s prayers have actually lost crypto enthusiasts more money than the ones who promote buying and holding.


Yep, TA is for attempting to predict short term price movements. It is completely useless at determining the actual long term value of a coin or future adoption/uses. Fundamental analysis of a project is the best way to invest long term.

TA can accurately predict overbought, oversold, etc… with IMO about 80% accuracy. So consistently trading on TA can yield positive results so long as those times you’re wrong are not too severe.

TA can also be easily destroyed by news events and whales buying/selling because these markets are so small.


OK here we go, Fuel up, i say 45 DAYS, before Sept, 30 :boom: :rocket: https://medium.com/bloomberg/regulated-crypto-custody-is-almost-here-its-a-game-changer-7652cc07bc0d


In other news…I promised an update from ICONex swap. My swap came through and took approximately 36 hours. Very easy and all is well in Siggyland.

FWIW: I bought intending to hold and the few times I’ve traded it really has ended up in net loss. I had some great gains but also a big ass loss that erased those gains. Regardless…when I bought, I bought knowing it would be a wild ride and that I would hold regardless. And I’m not breaking a sweat. I will really, really enjoy the ride back up. Some people like holding and don’t mind.

You do you, I’ll do me.


I hope you people realize that Korea is becoming a blockchain heaven. Looser regulations, projects and dApps with a purpose, aiming for a cashless society. This is such a great thing overall because now other countries can watch Korea succeed while following their lead in regards to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not to mention that they actually embrace and love crypto over there. I’m sorry but when I gather all of this information, I don’t see the point in selling at all.


In other news england our out the world cup :sob::broken_heart:


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In other news.
This is awkward :see_no_evil: nice bit back and forth on twitter.


Creating new eth addresses for every ICO is just too much work, and he’d exceed his free Dropbox storage with all those private key screenshots.

I’m sure those were some tense minutes between getting the etherscan email alert and successfully sending to Binance.