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Closer and closer to $1 ICX :cut_of_meat: :wolf:


I swapped mine on the Iconex wallet and it worked sweet. Have stored private keys etc and feel good about its security. Still waiting on Binance to convert my secondary stash and then I’ll move it over and HODL until moontime


Once, back in January I had a goal for 1000 ICX and sadly I FOMO’d into it instead of doing g DCA like I should have. In the past.several.months I have been able to get my cost per coin down significantly and I’m approaching about to triple my initial goal, but Man I am finding it hard to control my urge to grab a crapload right now lol. I am happy that I’ve matured enough to not get down over the current state of things. In a few years we will have some great stories to tell when ICX touches everything in the crypto space.


im leaving mine as erc20 right up to the deadline. iconex is a nice wallet, but i don’t trust it like i do a ledger.

praying for ledger support beforehand.

im still accumulating at these prices, but buying on Idex so i can have the erc20 version


We are titanic right now. Who’s gonna be Jack and who’s gonna be Rose?


what ? lol :rofl: :man_shrugging:t2:


Who is the Iceberg that sunk us :beetconnect:



I don’t remember ICX getting hit this hard last time BTC tanked. And we’ve still got $400 to go! Hoping to add 20% to my ICX stack from this. Will probably still be in the red as far as USD though.


BTC Bears are the iceberg lol


Does that make us Hodl’ers the band that played on as the ship went down, I surly hope not.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:keep%20playing




We are getting BBQ’d instead ! LOL


BTC dominance is higher now compared to then. Everything is getting destroyed.

Oh and it’s also been :cricket:'s from the team that continues to miss deadlines. :man_shrugging:

I have confidence in ICX, but I’m still going to bitch about their lack of communication.


I guess we are? :wink:


i really, really hope we hear a lot from them next week during the Beyond Blocks summit.


As optimistic as i’am about icon i think the bottom will be around 1.10~1.25$ we have to just be patient and keep the DCA (for people who DCA). That’s the only thing we could do while waiting for btc to decide where it wanna go 5325 or above 6400. :saitama:


I have changed my DCA. I now set aside funds for buying on longer monthly intervals (or where I think prices are valueable). I can buy double the coins now compared to 1-2 months ago. I’ll probably stick to this method of setting aside fiat for delayed buys.


With all the shit coin talk and >95% coins going bust. What gives icon survivability? Partnerships, connections, dapps, market share in SK?

Tron and the like are easy to write off. But how would you explain it to a BTC maximalist?


Totally I can take the bad news or news of delays, its when there is no news that you start to feel like shit.


Backed by dayli financial. But then a BTC maximalist (purest) will scream :speaking_head: ICON is centralized.

At one point BTC was centralized. Newtork adoption through all consensus algorithms will originate from a single point.