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So glad to see that the ICX swap was successful, now I’m curious to understand which location is safest to store them. ICONex wallet or on an exchange? (seems there are no hardware options at this time).


Hows everyone. Sorry I been MIA. just busy with life. How is everyone going.


Good good Dennis. Glad to hear you are as well. I’ve been mostly MIA for same reason. It’s been exceptionally busy and not slowing down much before fall here. Always glad to see the pub members doing well. :sunglasses:


Hey @Siggy yeah just so busy. I been accumulating on this lows.


This is why I haven’t done the swap yet. I’m not sure the best place to store it is and I didn’t want to be the guinea pig if something got hacked.


I hear ya, just don’t forget come September.


The best place to store NON-ERC20 ICX tokens is in Iconex. I suppose I should add that this is my opinion, although, if Iconex is the ONLY place…well…there ya go. Full disclosure: I have not scoured the corners on the internet to determine whether or not Iconex is indeed the only post swap wallet.


Yeah. Planned on doing it late august. I’m on this site every day.


Has anyone moved any icx to their iconex wallet since the token swap?


Yep. Just did it a while ago.


I swapped there and it worked great. Leaving them there until Ledger is supported.


I hope Ledger hurries up getting them added.


Thanks I’ll probably move mine later this week


I need a ledger tbh, I’m slacking


Aside from the recent price action, there’s a genuine need to address key factual errors now circulating around the CBOE applying for a Bitcoin ETF. Above all else is the fact that the product in question is not – technically – an ETF structure rather a Trust (only slightly different than GBTC).

The distinction between an ETF and a Trust is critically important. The former is where price impacting volume and demand would originate. The same does hold for the latter, just nowhere near the same level of amplification as an ETF. What the Trust does provide, and a point not to be downplayed, is a much clearer signal of the intentions of accredited investors and sell side trading desks.

What I would like to advise is that those of you looking for actual information on the product in question read through the Notice itself:

What should be addressed at this time are the following three, inter-related, points all gleamed, and referenced, from the above-linked Notice.

First, on page 3, it states that the product will be physically backed – not a synthetic product – meaning that the Trust (again, not an ETF) will be backed by BTC and not derivatives.

Second, on page 4, is a statement that “the Trust intends to achieve this objective by investing substantially all of its assets in Bitcoin traded primarily in the over-the-counter (OTC) markets”.

Third – although worded enigmatically – on page 10 “the Sponsor estimates that the US dollar OTC Bitcoin trading volume globally represents on average approximately fifty percent of the trading volume of Bitcoin traded globally in US dollar on US dollar denominated Bitcoin exchanges.”

The commentary and points above may be of very little value to many of you here. That said, it remains my personal opinion that since April we have been witnessing a period of aggressive price discovery by parties (however defined) unfamiliar with the entire crypto ecosystem. Given typical seasonality (summer holidays), I expect that we will remain relatively trade bound until September.


Closer and closer to $1 ICX :cut_of_meat: :wolf:


I swapped mine on the Iconex wallet and it worked sweet. Have stored private keys etc and feel good about its security. Still waiting on Binance to convert my secondary stash and then I’ll move it over and HODL until moontime


Once, back in January I had a goal for 1000 ICX and sadly I FOMO’d into it instead of doing g DCA like I should have. In the past.several.months I have been able to get my cost per coin down significantly and I’m approaching about to triple my initial goal, but Man I am finding it hard to control my urge to grab a crapload right now lol. I am happy that I’ve matured enough to not get down over the current state of things. In a few years we will have some great stories to tell when ICX touches everything in the crypto space.


im leaving mine as erc20 right up to the deadline. iconex is a nice wallet, but i don’t trust it like i do a ledger.

praying for ledger support beforehand.

im still accumulating at these prices, but buying on Idex so i can have the erc20 version


We are titanic right now. Who’s gonna be Jack and who’s gonna be Rose?