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The real gut-checker that counts is that are you going to short your ICX if it turns out negatively? What are your responses going to be in the worst outcome happens?


Most likely not going to sell, even if dayli went under their assets would be bought up. ICON has strong enough fundamentals that they could easily secure private financing as a stand alone.

Min is distancing ICON from the people that are keeping the lights on and paying the bills only makes me wonder what the facts are.


… I swear there is a whale with direct access to my Binance account because every time I try to trade my ICX to gain more he says “he sold some!! Pump it quick!!”


The distancing is normal. I think that it will play poorly for the parent company based around the severity of the accusations. I won’t be dumping my ICX either, but keeping a pulse for trading is always something I have an eye out for, as I am currently looking if a swing can be made based on the news, although it is pumping a bit currently, which is ironic due to the monthly lows after strings of only positive news.


I’ve lost some icx the past 2 days trading. It’s part of the process. Gonna get them back today.


I didn’t know you as someone who day traded a lot at these lows. What is your strat?


Typically keep pretty short time frames and use the moving averages. For day trading I don’t dive too deep into any other technical analysis. I’m only using a small amount of coins to build on. I normally estimate sell orders and check a few hours later. If it hit some sells I assess and estimate buy orders. My day trading rules are don’t be too greedy and give myself permission to make mistakes.


Any more details? When you say you use the moving averages, how, and what time frame, and what are you looking for?


I’d say the next leg down of ICX will bring us to the $1.1~ range … prepare your buy orders.


Getting ready myself.

Eager to see where this goes. The reversal is going to be insane.


I use mostly 5 min time frame. I also zoom out to estimate overall trend. What I will do is set sell orders above the moving averages, the closer to the moving average the lower percentage of coins I sell. The higher I estimate a sell, the more percentage I will use. I apply the same logic, but in reverse on buying back in. It’s really just educated guessing for me, but it has worked out. :man_shrugging:


What are you talking about? We are moon bound right now. :explopants: $25 end of July.


Wedge getting squeezed.


give or take by the weekend we should be on the down part of the wedge (if there is no breakout by then).


So how much ICX will you okes give me if I sell mine now with a buy order at 1.1USDT? We know that if I sell it for the buy order we will moon but if I leave it we go to 0.90…


Whether we’re in the Bear Trap, or the Blow Off Phase, you’re doing well entering and trading cautiously at these levels - as long as the market doesn’t go to zero.


Beyond Blocks conference, in-depth keynote session tomorrow with JH Kim discussing partnership strategies & leadership vision, as well as Icon’s roadmap & how they got where they are today. :smile:



I have a feeling we’re in for an exciting few weeks. Henry Lee announced in a recent interview that we’ll be seeing a lot of technical updates in June/July. I am thinking (hoping) we may see the 1st domino fall in that line of information starting Wednesday with JH Kim’s keynote session.


They are growing and will be taking over! (I hope). Check out the rest of the tweet thread. There are additional details.


What up ICON community! How it is?