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Harry, it’s been 1 minute. Go check your charts. :wink:


When our little buddy ICX matures and gets on Bithumb and other BBQ exchanges :explopants:


next day now, its saturday 1 pm for me and both test-txs went throu


Ok checked, haha, seems good hehe, going to not look at it all day unless somebody screams y0000000 we broke 8,5 USD haha and have another look tonight (around lunch time here now)


Harry, it’s been another minute. Better check again. :wink:

All jokes aside, I’m also going to log out of crypto for the day. ICX has dragged me back in to crypto obsession, and I can’t see to get anything done anymore. Need to tune out and get my life back together. :sunglasses:


If S. Korea requires registration, how do USA peeps get into ICX? Does this mean that they can close US accounts?


Haha, I’m not too worried as I’m in it for the longer haul.

Good call, did you see that spike just now up to 8.15 USD? seems ath


SK requires people that sign up to SK exchanges to have an ID, so this is irrelevant to your statement, as US people can buy ICX on binance and other exchanges. SK would never prevent people from outside of Korea to invest in Korean tech.


Me also, all the Icon in my etherwallet right now :smile:


You dont need to predict it… you just need to be discipline and not fall to youre emotion. you said “it doesnt drop 25%”

well it just did! so did many other alts!

ICX dropped from .00055 to .00037 (32% dip)

And again you dont need to be a market expert(im not), TA wiz (im not), math savant (im not) or have great intuition (I dont)… these are MARKET WIDE dips on alts. when the entire alt market goes on a 5% dip its time to pull your money out of alts for at least another 5-10%. this happens more often then you would think and more often then not lines up with a bullish run for BTC.

I posted in many of these threads (not just ICX… its whatever i currently have a position in) and am telling people when im selling off. most want to HODL which is fine… my point is the smart move is to sell out and buy back in when these conditions are met… im not saying swing it every day, but when there is an extremely high probablility its going to drop 10,15,20,25% your saving yourself TONS of money and profitting even more if you sell out and buy back in. (that whole buy low sell high thing).


its only ATH in USD… it still has another 10% to go before it hits all time highs again… which i think is a good bet. its value in USD right now is due more to BTC’s run up (as ICX is tethered to BTC). So if you are more about USD price you can bet on another 50 cents to a dollar in the next week

But ICX should recover to that .00055 sats range, and if BTC holds its value then your USD value would be even higher (at current BTC price if ICX reaches ATH at .00055 again that means a USD price of $9.07)


I was just messing about, trying to make him look at the charts again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I appreciate the analysis though, love the colors


Thats all binanace… the blue lines are bollinger bands. i didnt draw any of that it is just the indicator overlays. only the red circles on peak and current price were me. but yea… this one is a bit too video game for me :slight_smile:

one important think to note, is that most altcoin charts look identical to this during the same period, and BTC looks like the inverse.

and i know you are a USD guy but there is value in also keeping an eye on BTC value since ICX is tethered to BTC… if anything it can help you set your expectations… like i said above, BTC should hover above 16K for a bit and if it does while ICX recovers to .00055 sats, that means you will break 9 USD


When’s 20 bucks? Lol

If you convert to Canadian it feel like your way more rich lol icx is like 9.65


Jason is right. Most ALTs charts are the inverse of BTC the past 35 hours. It’s a smart piece of data to always look at. The big lady still has plenty of influence.


30 mins ago I said I was logging out of crypto for a day.

Well, that was going great until I got a Twitter notification from ARK announcing an update. I did a quick swing trade between ICX, ARK and then back into ICX, and netted myself a free 143 ICX in the process. Not bad for an 8 minute trade. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Gotta learn more from ya. What is your volume of icx and ark on swing trade btw? i am training with 100 icx :smiley:


I keep most of my ICX on a Ledger, but have a few on the exchange for such occasions. I used 2200 ICX for this particular swing.

Note: I rarely ever do swing trades, but I find this strategy is pretty good since it’s a quick in and out. Occasionally I get burnt for 1% or so, but when it works its usually an easy 5%.


Your question is way too long “when’s 20 buck?”, should be “when moon?”

I love it when people on telegram ask the CEO’s of these coins hahah its the new meme


hihi good boy, having said that, stop staring at the charts haha

sometimes I’m also triggered to trade a bit, but then i think, fuck it, too much hassle to dig up my trezor and do the transfers, so in a way the trezor is great for my hodling routine