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its only ATH in USD… it still has another 10% to go before it hits all time highs again… which i think is a good bet. its value in USD right now is due more to BTC’s run up (as ICX is tethered to BTC). So if you are more about USD price you can bet on another 50 cents to a dollar in the next week

But ICX should recover to that .00055 sats range, and if BTC holds its value then your USD value would be even higher (at current BTC price if ICX reaches ATH at .00055 again that means a USD price of $9.07)


I was just messing about, trying to make him look at the charts again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I appreciate the analysis though, love the colors


Thats all binanace… the blue lines are bollinger bands. i didnt draw any of that it is just the indicator overlays. only the red circles on peak and current price were me. but yea… this one is a bit too video game for me :slight_smile:

one important think to note, is that most altcoin charts look identical to this during the same period, and BTC looks like the inverse.

and i know you are a USD guy but there is value in also keeping an eye on BTC value since ICX is tethered to BTC… if anything it can help you set your expectations… like i said above, BTC should hover above 16K for a bit and if it does while ICX recovers to .00055 sats, that means you will break 9 USD


When’s 20 bucks? Lol

If you convert to Canadian it feel like your way more rich lol icx is like 9.65


Jason is right. Most ALTs charts are the inverse of BTC the past 35 hours. It’s a smart piece of data to always look at. The big lady still has plenty of influence.


30 mins ago I said I was logging out of crypto for a day.

Well, that was going great until I got a Twitter notification from ARK announcing an update. I did a quick swing trade between ICX, ARK and then back into ICX, and netted myself a free 143 ICX in the process. Not bad for an 8 minute trade. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Gotta learn more from ya. What is your volume of icx and ark on swing trade btw? i am training with 100 icx :smiley:


I keep most of my ICX on a Ledger, but have a few on the exchange for such occasions. I used 2200 ICX for this particular swing.

Note: I rarely ever do swing trades, but I find this strategy is pretty good since it’s a quick in and out. Occasionally I get burnt for 1% or so, but when it works its usually an easy 5%.


Your question is way too long “when’s 20 buck?”, should be “when moon?”

I love it when people on telegram ask the CEO’s of these coins hahah its the new meme


hihi good boy, having said that, stop staring at the charts haha

sometimes I’m also triggered to trade a bit, but then i think, fuck it, too much hassle to dig up my trezor and do the transfers, so in a way the trezor is great for my hodling routine


To much work to get some profits…:joy:

I have the same problem, from my ledger to binance then trading then back to the ledger takes a lot of waiting and work… Hodl is the easiest way to get money… Lazy… :zzz:


I’m too much of a baby…I’m making gains so I can’t bring myself to take a risk. It’s risky just being here


So true :joy: have you seen Mins response? :joy: Someone asked him when moon? On Telegram and Mins reply was something like.

“Sun is still up, we still working” :joy:


I don’t know how many guys here know Jaden Smiths (yes the son of Will Smith) new song - ICON

coincidence or a conspiracy? :thinking:


I did two icx tx`s from binance>MEW>Ledger and both took around 5 hours to complete. I think if you up the gas on the tx it processes faster. But im a noob to wallets as well so idk, i just care that it makes it to my wallet, not too concerned with the speed in.


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Haha yeah saw that, he must be getting sick and tired of the “when moon” questions haha


all i know is that he’s an idiot, this kid literally wants his teeth to be smacked in, who wears golden teeth


Nah Harry you’re just getting old, this is new gen music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


haha do they like Canadians? Im gonna have to move there if icon hits 100