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As the previous ICX thread nears 10,000 posts, it’s time to start yet another new ICX discussion. The markets are down, ICX is vastly oversold on the daily, and yet the ICON team continues to push forward:


Official Sources

Official site: https://icon.foundation/

Medium: https://medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/helloiconworld

Iconist: https://theicon.ist/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/helloicon/

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Finally got some fresh fiat and icx goes on a mini run. Thankfully the 10% drop will come as expected then I’ll load up


I’m not ready yet. I need more $0.45 ICX.


Cool you’re riding the wave too. Always be careful about those drops/pumps… up currently 22% on Binance. I hope your trading strat works out. I know I’ll be watching closely!

Let’s go, ICX!



how bout this for being bullish.

Weblocs puny 11m hard cap is 3% of icons circulating supply. imagine there was 10 ICO’s going with this ICX market cap :mooning:


I did some research on CMC and calculated that my stack of OMG that Ive had for about a year has never been able to purchase me this much ICX before. Not even at OMG’s peak. I would have to trade OMG for ICX at a pretty crazy lucky time to beat this current ratio.

This realization lead me to trade in all my OMG for ICX. I am pretty heavily invested now :joy:

I may re-balance after the bounce but for now my portfolio consists of only ICX and NEO.



For those interested, here is the marketing agency that’s aiding ICON on Iconist.


If it weren’t for crypto I’d have no drama in my life.
Not sure if I should be excited about the green candles or be more concerned with a future dump.
One thing is for sure, I need some popcorn


ohh boyy it’s almost time to exchange this dirty fiat in for some good good ICX.


This is 100% what ICON needs. Very Nice! Time to add some marketing to those solid fundamentals and engage those coin purchasers with excitement for a change! :icx::icx::bitrocket::bitrocket:


ive just put in a buy order for 0.55 first trade since start of year ive missed out so many times if i can just increase my holdings by 500 or so id be happy as thats 5000 at 10 dollars


But we didn’t finish on 10k… Why man why?



I can sense the heated debates between people already :smirk:


NICE! The iconist looks so smart, and what a brilliant idea. This is the kind of news any investor would be pleased about, i get a nice warm feeling when i wake up to news like this. Shows a committed vision to the future!

Slow and steady guys, we’ll get there.


None of the discussions made it quite to 10k posts. Figured I’d switch it over before we broke something. :wink:


Agreed. I’m very pleased to see this, as I have three main qualms with ICX. This potentially solves one of them (or at least gets the ball rolling).


I like to see the space going well, but i must warn you all to be careful and not to FOMO. 3 days ago everyone was calling another 50% drop, we have 2 green days and the fomo starts up again. We’re still in a bear market and it’s very likely this is a bull trap, until proven otherwise. For all means buy in, but take profits!!!


:raised_hand: another 90% here would be great.


Community help\advice needed & a warning to others.

I carried out my icx token swap late on Monday evening UK time, I stepped though the process & everything seemed fine until the very last step when the iconex wallet gave an error message and said not enough ~ETH even though I had ETH in the wallet but the ICX tokens disappeared out of the wallet.
I did a test swap a couple of weeks before this one which didnt get the not enough ETH error and the tokens arrived back just after 24 hours

I have tried various ways of contacting icon about it via redit, twitter & through the chrome extension, the only response ive had was via the chrome extension which seems like an automated generic response.

I’m getting really concerned that my tokens might be gone for ever & so am reaching out to you the pub community to see if you can come up with any suggestions of how I can either contact someone at ICON or some technical advice about how I might even reverse the transaction.
All help really appreciated.


There’s a recent thread on Reddit where numerous users have also been waiting 3-10 days for the swap. I wouldn’t be too concerned, as it’s likely just a delay on ICON’s end. The swaps are happening eventually, albeit at a slow enough rate that it’s clearly stressing people the fuck out.

I say this, meanwhile my swap is also in progress, so I’m sure I’ll be stressing soon enough. :joy:

EDIT: @CryptoPunkUK Just realized that yesterday was a Korean holiday, so that explains at least one added days worth of delay.