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Yeah mate, but i can’t find a wallet that does…Do you know of any. The exodus wallet doesn’t haven’t a support feature for Ht…even though they do support some ERC20’s…


What you holding at the minute?


Icon should focus on fungibility!!


Or does icon already have it with there public and private chain system?


Ledger my breadbin :facepunch:


You can store Huobi Token (HT) in Metamask. Just add Custom Token. Or any Ethereum wallet that you HODL the private key.


Myetherwallet then! Thanks mate, you know what I totally forgot I could that. I’ll look into it later, it’s not a good habit to get in to leaving crypto on exchanges!




Me and a few friends are so bullish on icon, we generally still think we’ll smash past ATH in the years to come. They keep their heads down, keep working hard and being innovative…the world is their oyster that’s for sure!


I hope you have 10K friends. ,)


This bear market has allowed me to quadruple my stack. Ready for ICX to moon now. :rocket::icx:


I figure I’m getting almost a 10:1 ratio buying at these prices, so might as well keep accumulating!


Curious, what are you basing this ratio off of? Your previous buy in average, or?


It doesn’t take much to get that ratio. ICX has been massively above $2.20 for quite a few months.


Exactly. My average is $1.80 or so. I was lazy with the math, I’m at about a 8.5:1 ratio.


I’ll reply to myself…my average just went down a bit for some reason or another. :wink:


Getting that icx from staking… when do you predict we will have staking?


I think 3rd quarter of this year.


P-Rep elections are in September, so judging by ICON’s previous record, I can’t imagine staking will be implemented any time before Q1 2020. Plenty more time to build a stack.


TL;DR: Don’t sleep on ICON Foundation. Don’t ever sleep on ICON Foundation. Also, im so sorry for the wall of text. This is what happens when you almost never have caffeine, and then decide to drink two 10 hour energy in the morning (which is like over 800mg+ of caffeine) thinking they were just regular 5 hour energy. I feel a little sick, and I regret everything right now. brb gonna go throw up.

Idk, i feel like thats an unfair assumption to make regarding when staking is allowed. You can start delegating your stakes in September of 2019 by voting for P-Reps. I know ICON’s initial roadmap wasn’t the best approach. I was frustrated and disappointed initially too along with the rest of the ICON community, especially because of lack of updates and communication. I cant really blame you for feeling that way though because most of 2018 (although majority of the things were still accomplished + things not even on the roadmap + token swap process and delay was on the exchanges’ side), I had the most amazing experience(lol) moderating the subreddit/telegram channels so I saw and read every complaint, concern, frustration, etc., and i pretty much felt the same way too; frustrated and in the dark.

But, I had the opportunity to speak with members of the team, and basically, what I found out was that as they were developing the ICON Project, it became evident that the project’s growth and potential was much more than they initially thought, so of course, the initial roadmap they envisioned in the early stages of the project isn’t going to be perfect. Blockchain is still in its infancy stage. The Project has and will continue to evolve, grow, and adapt along side the rapid evolution of blockchain technology.

Also, their new roadmap provided with monthly updates (which i love) and overall communication improvements are all good indicators that the ICON team is willing to improve upon feedback and learn from past mistakes. I think they could have been more proactive rather than reactive with their improvements regarding community’s concerns, but like I said, they learn from past mistakes, and will be more proactive than reactive to community concerns.

Yeah, yeah, I sound like a shill, and my activity within the ICON community clearly illustrates that im an avid supporter of the project, but that’s legitimately because I see improvements in every area, and that ICON is clearly focused on BUIDL. I also did a bit of research only into ICONLOOP projects/partnerships, and it’s actually scary how strategic they are with their approach to partnership/networking, and it’s often overlooked.Just at a glance (old post that i never updated, few mistakes, and missing some information), focusing only on ICONLOOP projects, you can really see the overlap between these developments&partnerships in various sectors, and how it points towards mass adoption of blockchain. ICONLOOP actually recently updated their site which is essential to their main objective to “hyperconnect the world”.

Spec-R also has incredible coverage (recently updated with more info), going more in-depth for both ICON and ICONLOOP and their approach to networking & partnerships – its definitely worth the read. And before you ask why ICONLOOP is relevant to ICON and $ICX, read here first.

Also, follow icon.community on twitter @iconcm and medium for info regarding P-Rep election and ICONSENSUS. In short, anyone who holds $ICX, you should be paying attention to the P-Rep election and ICONSENSUS. With the generous incentive system ICON has in place that benefit both ICONists and the ICON Network, there is no reason I can think of for not caring about the P-Rep election process esp bc it can have an economic impact on you.

With DEX and DID rolling out in the first half of 2019, and probably other developments rolling out this year that we aren’t yet aware of yet, I’m surprised that so many people are sleeping on ICON still, but im pretty confident over the next few months, ICON will generate a ton of interests in the public’s eyes.

Anyway, my bad for just slamming you with this wall of text. I just feel like so much discussion is focused on day-to-day price changes rather than the actual development and progress of the project. I suppose you may be right. With so many people not paying closer attention to ICON, it might just be really profitable for you to do so. But I’m no financial adviser, and I have no inside information on anything. I just follow the project very closely on a daily basis, so I still saw great progress and achievements even when sentiment was at an all time low.

Just my 2icx though. I know im coming off biased as f especially since i help moderate some of the ICON communities, but i’m not going to create an alt account to talk about things i actually believe in. Why hide behind anonymity when I feel confident standing alongside my beliefs?


Corrr that was a read and a half! Good post and I agree with a lot of what you’ve said actually.

Icon is a slow burner everyone should know that by now and if you don’t, well you been hiding under a rock?