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The upside is enormous for ICX if they achieve what they are setting out to do. The fundamentals are solid despite the market meltdown. ICX remains one of those coins with good potential, but I also believe that potential is still a few years out. It’s hard sticking with something for so long without it seeing the benefit to your life. This is where discipline weeds out the best from the rest. A DCA buy and hold strategy is probably the best solution for the long term. Especially if the market does start to move bullish over the remainder of the year. It will be nice to be buying into a long term up trend.


Big +1 Kenzie. I have a few plays that are fun for “pops”, but it’s more of a short term gamble, and I know that. ICX is one of my long term plays that I hope can achieve some of what their ambitious roadmap is set up for. I think the team has done an amazing job behind the scenes building for the future. Let’s all revisit this in a few years and then judge our success or failure.


That epic pump back last Sept to Oct from 50sats to 200sats on Huobi was when I got fully out. It’s too bad the project looks pretty defunct by now, disappointed with their execution… we could have all been riding odyssey bikes with our OCoin wallets by now /half sarcasm.

In all honesty, it did have good potential, and will probably still make bucket loads just the same way as a project like verge seems to pump at even the slightest scent of McAfee.


Well said :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:asdass


Koreans’ opinions of coins mean nothing. Most of them view crypto as gambling and do zero research. They love absolute shit coins like XRP, TRON, XVG, BCH etc… Korea may do a lot of volume in the space but they are the biggest FOMO, Lambo moon boys on the planet.


Not a MATIC thread, but since you’re active with it, I figure it won’t hurt to ask. In your opinion, has that ship sailed already with it’s performance over the last week, or is there still plenty of room to grow? I just split my ICX stack 50/50 and bought in with ICX up 4.7 and MATIC down 2.27 on Binance as of posting time.

I’m in the process of learning more about it, but since you presently know more about it than I do right now I’d like to get your take.


All IEOS coins are doing great on Binance at the moment man. Those 24h volumes exceed market caps for some of them and are even increasing. Green volume bars are getting bigger and bigger. I am following you and some others on Twitter lately man, keep on the good work, thanks really a lot again for your insights as always good man! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yeah I think your spot on with this Craig. I saw a post earlier from @Evergreen i believe who lives in SK.

Apparently the sentiment towards ICX is low and it’s viewed as bit of a joke coin.

I find that surprising for all the progress they seem to be making, or apparently seem to be making. It’s very easy for us to get caught up in the icon bubble, and for those holding (including myself) everyone in comparison to icx is just inferior.

But after icons performance this week compared to other crypto’s, it’s the first time I’ve actually thought about getting out of icon and looking for immediate returns in the medium term.

What’s everyone else views/ strategies with holding ICX?


I’ve been with icon for long time,I sometimes think about switching to another currency to make a profit but I’m afraid to change and the icon will hit the upload that has not been done so far and stay out … so for now I’m not going to do anything I think.


I would review offloading any ICX until their TX challenge ends (31st July). We might get “news” on real world usage for the network etc.


I would review offloading any ICX until ICX reach 4$ :smiley:


As far as ICX (since we are in the ICON thread); if you are patient, as I mentioned a bit back in this thread, that MATIC pump was just a taste of what all alts will experience IMO

But yes @user93 is spot on, I believe the circ. cap vs vol. on MATIC was 2.6x last I checked. On FET it is over 3x, plenty of room left


If you’re right about this “alt-season”, you’ll be crowned king of thebitcoin.pub!! @K_Godel


Yes, you also need to understand that Korea has a bit of an inferiority complex. They prefer anything that’s NOT made in Korea to Korean stuff. They crave to own European luxury brands and view Korean stuff as mostly junk.

I think that this sentiment bleeds over into their views on everything. They have this self loathing thing going on. Japan does too but Japan is different because they’re actually proud of their home grown brands.

For ICX I would not say that it’s performance has been that bad. It’s been average which is disappointing because its previous behavior has been high volatility. Large downs and large ups. We’re all waiting for the large upside since the downside has already been experienced.

Fundamentally they are probably one of the strongest coins out. IMO


I think a good strategy would be to set aside a speculative stack of money and purchase other coins with it that have a high probability of over performing in a bull market. Stuff like ADA, FET, MATIC, BAT, whatever is super hot during bull days.

When that stack outperforms ICX, trade it for ICX when you feel a need to get into something “stable”. Then whenever you feel bored do it again with the hopes of building more ICX with that capital. Track $ you started with, ICX comparatives etc… It’s rewarding and gives you something to do while ICX is being boring.


its a good idea, thank´s :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


How do you guys feel about ICON rebranding to clear it name?


Kinda like NEO aka antshare


I ain’t going to do it, but I spoke on this last year and said it felt like a necessity. Still feel that way, even moreso, now.


I don’t see this as something that’s likely to happen. Their best re-brand strategy has been renaming “theloop” to “ICONLOOP”. Another reason why I don’t see it happening is that they want ICON to be a household name in the far future (think Samsung).

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