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Going to chime in here with regards to staking.

If you’re in for the long term (I’m talking in periods of months/years+), it makes sense to stake. Even taking into account of inflation, the current reward rates, sitting around at ~19% lets you continue to compound and increase your overall share of the total supply.

The caveat is that there’s a “lockup” period, which is currently a little under 12 days when you stake. That means if you ever need the money in case of an emergency, see a golden trading opportunity, etc, it won’t be liquid for that period.

Now addressing the matters of potentially “losing” via staking, I think there’s a lot of misinformation/lack of education. To summarize, if a P-Rep’s block production rate ever follows below 85%, then you lose 6% of the ICX you delegated to that said P-Rep, not your entire staking stack. I can’t speak for every P-Rep that exists at the very moment, but so far, most, if not all of the more reputable ones have kept a 99.7+% productivity rate up to date. I’m using the MetrICX app to get these figures but I’m sure if you ask around in TG, someone can point you to other sources for this info. It’s also in the P-Rep’s own incentive to follow through on their end as they’re not only being detrimental to the whole network as a whole, but they damage their own reputation as well. tldlr - not impossible but very unlikely for certain P-Reps to even come close to below 85%

People encourage “diversifying” to decrease the odds of happening, but I disagree with this to a certain extent for a couple reasons 1 - mathematically speaking, you’re not really increasing your expected value, you’re just reducing variance, 2 - it’s more important to select the proper P-Reps rather than just drawing straws randomly for the sake of “diversifying”.

I’m going to echo escalade’s sentiments that it might be worth trying to spread your votes on lower ranked P-Reps, as the top ones hold an overwhelmingly large share of the votes. That being said, some of the top candidates are legit and even I have voted for them. This is where “DYOR” is actually relevant because when you vote, you can think of it as betting money on who out of all these candidates can best help grow and promote the Icon network, and eventually the price will follow as well.

If still unconvinced, you can always stake a small portion of your stack and test it out for a few weeks to see how you feel. Full disclaimer: I have 95% of my stack staked and I use my 5% to mine TAP which on most days, give you higher returns than staking (shameless shill here :P). Consult escalade on this as he is an Iconbet evangelist and recent P-Rep!

Edit: Check this inforgraphic out to get a feel of productivity rates:


I’ve had 100% of my ICX staked since day one. I adjust my votes as I feel and I’ve not lost one ICX. It’s not as dangerous as one believes. Keep an eye on your reps and you will only accumulate. I’m not looking at the USD to compare accumulation right now. Only the amount of ICX I’m earning per day.


How much ICX are you getting for £100 investment today?

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I would assume 4.3-4.6 ICX

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Sub P-Reps cannot be penalised for low production, basically because we don’t produce blocks!! We only validate them, and for that there is no penalties


What’s going to get us back to ATH’s?

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Two options:

  1. Actual adoption
  2. Investor stupidity

With all these BTC forks pumping this week, the ‘Investor Stupidity’ option appears to have potential. :rofl:


4.3-4.6? eh :thinking:

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Thank you for your continued support for Mineable P-Rep! Truly appreciate every single ICONist that shows their support!

Make sure you check out this recent article on ICON’s blockchain being used by one of the largest universities in South Korea.


Hey guys wanted to check back in after another year or so and ask how your investment is going?


Well My full ICX bag is in the profit now. So I am not complaining! How about your investments?


Earning 45 to 50$ a week just letting it sit. I’m ok with that not a lot but I’m also not earning that from a savings account


ICX is truely a great scam coin. After 90%+ dump they still have cult followers.


As do you my friend as do you… :sunglasses: :joy: :joy: :joy: :+1: :soccer: COYR


Why you came up here when icx starts to move up? :smiley: You look silly, commenting on coin that you don’t know nothing…


I think is good oportunity to buy cheAp icx this days with a proper ‘stop lost’ , such a good project ,but…

The people who presume about holding their icx since the first day…
What are you pretent? Show that your belives are something to admire?
You just claim that you are complety incompetent investor.
Watch your money going 95%down during 2 years meanwhile you have the oportunity to x3 in btc.
Some of them buy over 7$ or more… imagine the odissey they have in front to recover that…
Even if the dream come true, and , in 4 years reach again 7$.
Your holding is a shame, don’t let the people know how dumb investor you were the last 2 years… and for GOD SAKE USE THE STOP LOST!!!

with love. from icx fan.


Well to be fair, DCA’ing on the way down is how to counteract what you have said ( if you still believe in ICX )


it’s not a scam per say, it’s just another DPOS chain that doesn’t bring much new to the table


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