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agreed, positive energy here from now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s been my intention since the beginning and will continue to be until the end :facepunch:t3:


I’m not interested at all in these kind of quarrels (eg. @Duttydirtz vs @Danosaurs). I would like to see a community platform for ICX like NEX has, where there is “room” for people who like to beat each other.

That kind of information structuring and ICX specific separation is not available here. It would be nice improvement to have subfolders for ICX and other popular coins/projects here in the pub. Too many things are on the lists…I can’t and don’t have time to search for me valuable info among XRP, Electroneum, Drumpf, daily news flows and others. I hope there is power and will to develop.


Probably shared this before but I feel a post like this is needed on the thread!


CZ always knows what’s up. The negative reactions from people during these types of markets are expected, especially to those that invested too much without being mentally prepared for what could possibly happen.

It’s a short-mid term effect that will rise again after another bull cycle is done with. My philosophy during these times is to just invest when I’m able to, build, and enjoy life. Most won’t see it this way until things calm down a bit.


Wondered where sparky got inspiration from for his last persona…


buying more ICX bc i hate money~~~~~


I got buy orders in at 0.25 cents common and waiting for 21 Cents too.


way too high bro… way tooo highh… 0.11~15? maybe less?


Love how ICX threads are the only ones who get bashed with alt accounts :joy::joy::joy:


It’s just one sad little man who got rekt.


It’s not Sparky mate. It’s Calgary Flame. He’s an OG but turned into one of the Psychics that foresaw everything that has happened. He was one of the original I Told You So pubbers.

Don’t think I should reply as it’ll just send this thread down the wrong path again.

Calgary Flame. If you wanna chat just pm me we can do it there

Total Invested Total Porfolio
$2,476.00 $455.36 -$2,020.64 -81.61%

To the Moon.


Fair enough. Still just as sad anyway :joy:


My first ICX DCA’s of the year:

ICX ICON TOKEN Current Value @
01/05/2018 $6.86 $52.00 8.00 $1.92
01/11/2018 $10.00 $52.00 5.28 $1.27
01/18/2018 $7.83 $52.00 6.44 $1.55
01/22/2018 $7.71 $150.00 19.1 $4.58
01/25/2018 $7.87 $52.00 6.19 $1.49


what’s your avg if you don’t mind me asking.

eems like you were super consistent throughout the year.

I jumped around, delayed some purchases & am waiting till a target price to place the final buy before im done “investing” lol


I posted it a couple post up. This?

Total Invested Total Porfolio
$2,476.00 $455.36 -$2,020.64 -81.61%


I mean the average cost for each ICX

$ invested / qty


but if its too much info to share don’t worry about it lol


thas wild, I’ve skipped around with buying here and there. about the same as DCA consistently. Appreciate it haha.