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I think we did it backwards. If I have 1897.35 ICX that I paid 2476 for. That means I average 0.76 a piece.


Will pay off in the long run mate. Just have to keep mentally strong.


I think you had it right the first time with $1.30. For it to be $1 you’d have to have equal ICX and Paid Amount but since you have less ICX, that means you paid over $1.

The .76 number means for ever $1 you spent, you got .76 of ICX.

I think this is right, I’m jetlagged and I’m pretty tired lol.


12 dollar investment / 2 icx = 6 dollar investment per icx
2 icx / 12 dollar investment = 0.167 icx per dollar investment or in other words 12 dollars worths of .167 of an icx gets you 2icx.


that dimensional analysis if the units are in the wrong place will get the mind thinking all weird lol.


That makes sense. You are correct jet-lagged or not.


Atleast it’s a good gauge to see where you are at relative to the market if you didn’t know before.

Up to you where you decide to go from here.


If BTC drops to 1,000 ( not saying it will, just going off of what the consensus so far is [which is normmaally wrong ])

Is it reasonable to say ICX will be around 3 cents?

BTC Dropping 75% ish
ICX would drop > 75% ish.

Scary but possible. Have fiat ready if you plan on buying if it gets that low. just a thought.


Not sure if going bankrupt or getting a 2nd chance at the moon action I missed last year. :man_shrugging:


bankrupt of course. lol


Risk/Reward Ratio

Always and forever.


Some good advice that I’ve heard is to focus on making more money, rather than focusing on what you lost (regardless of whether the loss is temporary or final). Make extra money (side job) strictly for your investment, and pump it into the system like you wanted to at the top. DCA, diversify, whatever–but focus should be, “How can I be the biggest winner in the next bull run, starting fresh?” It shouldn’t be, “Why did/didn’t I see this over a year ago…”


Trust wallet now supports ICX. Android update was released today and ICX was already supported on iOS.

ICONEX wallet installs 10K+
Trust wallet install 100K+

Trust is developed by one of the biggest names in crypto, Binance.

Trust wallet has been independently audited.

But ICON doesn’t want you to use Trust. See their Telegram group.


As the ICX TG were not interested in checking out the Trust multicoin wallet I did it myself.

Picked up about a 1000 ICX sh*tcoins on Binance and sent to two ICX addresses in Trust.
Also sent from Trust to Trust addresses. All worked perfectly.

I have more faith in the devs at Trust than I do in their counterparts at ICON.


The institutions are coming. Some thought it would be a good thing and send BTC and everything else to the moon. Nope! Why would institutional investors buy at all time highs? Or even 50% of all time highs? The institutions are coming and this is the result…


Good grief. Imagine the ico folks who have held out for so long and now are only deciding to sell at 2x… or are we seeing the newly circulated coins being dumped?


juicy floor of 550 sats closing in … below that … who knows :man_shrugging:t2: I should start making extensions


Imagine if it goes to single digit cents price…

I’ve not bought back in yet, trying to find as close to the bottom as possible but it’ll bite me in my bottom so better to have a target entry. 10 cents anyone?


The admin for two of the ICX TG’s dismissed Trust without knowing anything about it.

He was so offended that he banned me from the two groups.

Mass adoption will never happen in crypto if a simple to use mobile wallet, like Trust, is not made available. Who wants to carry a ledger around when they pop to the local coffee shop.


I was chatting with my banker mate this afternoon regarding crypto and finance in general.

We both was trying to work out when is enough…enough in terms of investing into crypto in the current market conditions. Although on the surface risk/reward ratio increases, due to your fiat being able to purchase more alt coins or bitcoin. When you think a little deeper, you begin to realise your putting money in a depreciating asset with only the hope and vision of a future price appreciation in that capital. We discussed at length, and no doubt about it the market is a lot stronger than it was few years ago. The market is growing in terms of infrastructure and regulation, but friends just advance on the side of caution right now. If you have a plan, stick with it don’t let me sway you in anyway. All I’m saying is…think about what your doing if you’ve just been on autopilot for the past few months.

With that being said, i’m so far down this rabbit hole i have decided to continue with my investing into the crypto market. I still believe in the market eventually growing to something quite exponential and that is also why i will continue to invest, but i will be diversifying massively across different alt coins to hedge for the next bull run but not for some time i feel.

What are peoples thoughts on the market right now and bitcoin?