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I think it’s just going through a natural cycle mate, people who have been in crypto a lot longer than us have probably had these exact conversations

I want anyway from banks. I don’t trust them. Hopefully long term bitcoin can help us all get free from them.


A few alts will be the next Amazon’s and Facebook’s. At current prices risk reward looks good if you you hold across a diversified portfolio of tokens.


uhmmm the thing is that with ALTs when BTC dumps they get 2x the lvl of dumping cause of sat depreciation and USD wise, when BTC gets back to test the 4.5k (and most likely it will be rejected) I doubt alts will gain much sat wise value due to market sentiment, only USD due to the fact being pegged to BTC so if BTC gets another huge dump from 4.5k to lets say 3.5k sat value will bleed a bit more on alts and cycle continues.


Short term yes you should expect to go into the red with alts. Real gains are made over the longer term and a decent alt will probably show better returns than BTC.


most likely yes when the bull arrives, but we are on a down trend atm


Its at the most a deflationary asset (lost private keys)

I don’t see how it’s a depreciating asset.

Edit: regarding BTC, not ICX


I think talking to a banker about crypto is counter productive lol. I remember talking to a small bank CEO about bitcoin when it was $700. Exact quotes, “Bitcoin is a loser.”


But nobody knows when the trend will change. Waiting for the bottom can lead to missed opportunities.


You’re right of course but I’ve seen Alts climb higher USD % than BTC does when a bounce happens. When I buy and sell ICX its usually with Tether anyway so I only rarely look at the sats value.

Do we really think BTC could go to 1k? That’s crazy to think about and the price of some alts like ICX will be super low even compared to now


I don’t see BTC going under 2K.


If you were one of the lucky ones to get into Icon at ICO level, congratulations! You’ve just 2X your money! :joy:


OMG, dude…best comment in here!
If this was bread money…i would have probably committed suicide :joy:


who would’ve thought a year ago that ICX would be a mothafcking quarter. 0.25.

but you know what i see? i see a mothafcking astronaut in that quarter. and i also see apple’s logo in the back. positive future outlook for this project pubsters!


I was horrified when people post that stuff…if they missed the ico, they should have bought in the day it hit the exchanges. 13 bucks is insanity.


I feel like ont is like Iconloop … right? So why invest in ont when you can continue to invest in ICX… iconloop has so many partnerships underneath their belt…


Ont’s partnerships and connections don’t even come close to those of iconloop



I know the staking information has not been released yet but was there a formula that was released. Possibly in the white paper? Try to see if I can figure out a decent bag to stake?



hexing 1st person to say its priced in