ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



I know icon will be a great platform for ICO but is it possible for a STO( security token offer)?


Min mentioned on Twitter that STOs will be a big thing in 2019, and with them working mostly with private organizations it’s probably on their radar.


Perhaps the ICO model will transition to STOs all together. I think it would be better for space and for the regulatory requirements that are certainly coming. Lets clear out the scams.



Did the ever announce they were partnered with amazon web services?


Not as far as I can remember. It’s been a long year though :joy:


Well we’re at less then a quarter $0.22… who’s buying? Thinking of dropping a few hundred more bucks in this thing.


Can people in the US use BitBox exchange?


I wonder if icon is also working on gaming?


Yes, with Smilegate.


Literally the best advice.



Happy holidays…


Not Sure What This Is For Mainly. I guess you can run a node this way?



Damn did ICON bring this client to AWS?


For icon to boom South korea needs to unleash their ban on ico…


Nice project, I wanna see more of this
thanks for sharing! :beers:


I still find it wild how long is taking for everyone to get on the same page.

So many awards and accolades yet still bans and fud every so often



It seems like korea is in support of blockchain by giving out awards

and america so far is just trying to penalize crypto guys.

sighhh ):


Icon should have a section for rewards and blockchain events it attended/or sponsored or organized on their website… this would enhance there communication game