ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



Just putting up a fake wall then dropping this badboy down to 10 cents before the big buy!


awwwwww shit. Im about to fomo of this pic :joy::joy::joy:




bots being bots :robot:


I’m not enough smart to get it. Why do you think these orders are from bots?


a bunch of bots may have the same target, very common on al coins every time looking at the buy/sell walls


So 1000 people buy the same bot and run those with the same setup and they want to buy only at that exact price? Interesting…btw I don’t follow buys&sells on a daily basis so I don’t bump into these kind of walls regularly.


This is exactly what I do.



I am making the “Crash” bot… just warning everyone!!




Hopefully be able to pick up some more ICX, big sell off at 31c, volume is steadily dropping, can see it coming down some more


yes, ICX is dependant of BTC price action … so if BTC dumps so does ICX, most likely in a stronger way.


Patience, its going to dump, this is where the smart money will go.



looks like we are going to have a super green candle tomorrow. it’s setup super nicely…


Have to wait and see. Looks like it’s rejected 31c again. Only one way for it too go after a double top


Looking for 35c ICX :face_with_monocle:



Not today man, I sold some around 29c hoping to pick up some more with the tether.

Anyone else noticed PAX is a trading pair on binance now?


lol that baby whale buy order is still there