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@Peter … I remember when you were talking about ICON and lining up with a major electrical supplier… someone like Samsung… couldn’t actually tell who it was… if you don’t know whats going on … we are all doomed…lol…



Random thought, but one of the reasons why I’m so confident investing in ICON.

Let’s talk speculation and real value. The market is filled with mostly speculation, and in my opinion, it makes crypto exciting whether it be as a trader or long-term investor. The risk is high, but so is the reward.

ICON provided me insight to a different type of investment within the crypto space, focusing on real value instead of speculative value.

It’s as simple as this to me. To us retail investors, speculation is all we can go on about at this current time, no matter which crypto project we’re investing in. Private corporations however that are deeply rooted within traditional ecosystems want real value. The ICON team doesn’t say “This is what ICON can do for you”, they say “This is what ICON will do for you.”

The private companies that ICON are working with don’t want to invest their time, money, and effort into something speculative. They want something that will provide them with real value over time. Private companies are willing to give up their old systems for something completely nascent.

They (institutions) know things that are far out of our control, and are probably expecting an incredible amount of “value” utilizing ICON’s blockhain in return. Just a little something to think about. These are one of the many reasons, but this is one to bring you confidence over FUD.



what do you think about this tweet then : https://twitter.com/minhokim/status/1068372338306154496
he’s basically promising nothing :slight_smile:



I saw the Coin desk aritcle from yesterday & wondered if ICON were going to lead on this one, clearly they arent which is dissapointing given they had the publisity about the dapps they were trialing including a voting system.

I am also still very confused\unclear about ICON’s role or lack of it with the Korean Customs clearance system, at one point ICON were all over it & now they seem to have taken a step back & its now being touted as a Samsung project, can anyone clarify any of this for me.



Isn’t this a good thing? Didn’t Elon Musk just get into a boatload of trouble for doing exactly what Min is saying shouldn’t be done?


Exactly. It is also a part of what got those two ICO’s busted recently. They were promising returns, amongst other things. I read that tweet as staying on the good side of regulations.


Seems most press for Icon includes" icon clarifies its…"


Since when did this good ol post became a dick measuring contest? keep calm and keep investing mates.


wow 3 days without any comments :scream::scream::scream:


The pubs been really quiet mate, will pick up again once the price makes a big shift



where you been?we are deep into the crypto winter already :rofl::rofl:


lol … been hearing that since we were at 6k for months, this is just the 3rd week since it broke the support … this is not the final form of bear BTC yet


Don’t tell me your in the 1k BTC camp along with Lee?


Brother Manuel is in the 100k BTC camp… But first we take a detour


Deep down we all want 1k haha


Anywhere between $1,750 and $2,750 could be a good bottom (lows and highs of June - July 2017)

exactly, I’m optimist in the crypto space and its future, this price action is just a cycle it needs to be done in order for future growth.



@Manuel_Villarreal Interesting mate, they are quite some targets. If it happens, i hope it happens quick. Not just some long drawn-out ladder down, but because those levels would scream capitulation…to me it’ll probably be some shooting star kinda’ wick. Then maybe a strong bounce, and after that who knows!

Sitting on the fence with what to do right now, currently sitting in my positions…but weighing up with getting into tether now or trying to do a bit of swinging on this short term volatility…