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Isn’t posted the uni peter went to and one of the best ones in korea?



I like what ICX_Station is doing. Planting seeds



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Almost a worse name than electroneum


I got both in my portfolio!


I think the general sentiment on the pub is that BTC will go lower (sub 3k) before we see any real recovery. So are most of you holding off getting more ICX with BTC until this happens? ICX at .24 cents looks juicy especially since I started buying in around $3. I have been holding off buying anymore ICX for weeks because BTC and ICX keeps falling. I also struggle with just getting and holding the BTC and not trading it for ICX. I believe in ICX but believe in BTC more…however I think of all the potential BTC I can get with trading BTC for ICX if it recovers…I’m stuck in indecision.


Buying ICX at this point, rather than just holding BTC, comes with a greed tax - downside, and performance against Bitcoin. We haven’t even come close to ICO price yet for Icon. You can win the bet, or lose it. Short term, it’s a losing bet if BTC drops lower. We’re in a zone where trying to stack up by selling to buy lower with what ICX you already own is not advisable. Play the ratio game to decide where ICX will drop should BTC hit lower targets, and set some buy orders in the resistance field above those levels. It’ll never feel cheap enough, so using some metric to know when to buy even if it’s flawed, is better then nothing.


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In theory (worse case scenario) BTC goes to $1500. This would/should put ICX close to its ICO price of .11ish. However if BTC goes that low there could be a huge reaction bounce IMO. Not that my opinion is worth anything :slight_smile: I think if ICX goes to the .15 range the downside would be minimal…and that would be a good target to load up. Or it can go all to hell and hit zero.


Also depends on the view of upside potential. ICX at $0.10 or lower might be risky in the short term for more downside, but getting back to $1 is 10X, which is probable in the longer term. For me it’s about balancing risk tolerance at low levels. A little bit of capital can go a long way.


hmm, i’m looking forward to when BTC goes down to around $200. ICX should be a real bargain by then.


I love how whenever i read comments like this i automatically feel like people are being salty.


I agree. Without some decision metric, we all run the risk of never being satisfied with a lower price, delusions that we know where the market is going short term, and are prone to fomo on the slightest bounce.


Comic relief man. It helps.