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Between 25 and 100X off the bottom.


Who else remembers when ICX stayed in the $2 to $4 range for the longest time? That’s a 10X and 20X now. Remember when we thought ICX would reach $100 one day? :cry:


Iconneeeeeeeeect :beetconnect: :chart_with_downwards_trend:


i still dont think 100$ is unrealistic. market recovers and icon goes to eos marketcap ath what would itve been already? like 50$?
just let crypto get 2x ath marketcap and get a top 10 spot…

sure it wont be next year but thats fine


Here to ATH is 60x

Technical development has to be at least 10x from where we were when it reached ath

therefore as a result of advanced algebraic derivation

600x is the next bull run would be $120.



But not going to lie, this bear market is psychologically one of the most painful experiences.

It’s honestly like, No matter what I attempt, the whole world collapses whenever getting into believing in it.

I am still believer as a result of studying and not blindly gambling money, and having an awareness to whats possible. But damn. The progression through time with this long of a duration is really putting our belief to the test…


ICX will rally hard when bitcoin finds a bottom. So will a bunch of other solid alts. Not saying ATHs but there will be some insane returns on alt coins once market psychology shifts.


What are the solid alts in your opinion?


Alts will rally only when BTC retraces after its first resistance on a bull run and its subsequent ones, as long as BTC keeps dumping and does consolidation, people and bots switch to BTC or USDT.



awfully quiet in here lately…


Yes I can hear silent screams everytime I come here…:joy::+1:scream



Even though it feels wrong it’s best to buy when market is going down…not up.

I can’t explain how wrong it felt when I sold around the top. And the only reason I did was because someone experienced highly advised me to when I met my goal.

Lets not let the negativity get to our heads.


oh … I wish I could join you in those bad feelings bro :sweat_smile:


It was only at the time. Lasted a few weeks then the market opened like a trap door. I’m going to change that “around the top”.


NEO, ELA, WAN but I am focusing most on ICX. It’s been turned into a meme coin because it has so much promise yet dropped so hard. Looking back at ATHs on ICX and most cryptos, they were extremely over valued based on their actual adoption and some probably still are overvalued. In the process of capitulation some will become extremely undervalued.


And still no signs of BTC bottoming out … dayum :sweat_smile:

The market is savage.

:man_shrugging:t2::beetconnect::chart_with_downwards_trend: :tent:


No ICX love coinbase? really? :rage:


We need an anonymous poll to see how much icx the pub is holding. Seems like if many of us are still filling our bags, these strong hands at some point should strengthen up the price.