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Yeah agreed. Also I think some expected huge % returns instead of the single digit % rewards.

I don’t think it’ll just be you Whales… Most will feel break even is their exit target and I can’t blame them at all.


but but … I want to be a whale first before thinking in a break even exit :sweat: :sob:


Manuel you’re a Whale of the Corn! :corn: :whale:


corn prices are manipulated :robot:


i never understood ppl who want to get out after break even


Not saying that I’ll get out :100: at breakeven…not even close. But I will more than likely try to recoup 50% of my initial investment and allocate it elsewhere. I never should have had such an unbalanced allocation to begin with.


You wish to get out of ICX because you think 9% is a weak return? Or is there some other reason? 9% is quite good considering that ICX itself is going to appreciate in value as well.


ICX is still a good project guys, if we was at $5 lets say would everyone be feeling so down about it? The way see it, it’s 100% good to diversity and hedge risk but i also think ICX is as good as any of the decent projects out there.

ICX has always got battered in down swings, and it’s always pumped in up swings. I take the rough with the smooth. I no longer buy more icx, but use my icx to trade and use the gains to buy other crypto. That way, with the goal being over the next few years i would have built out a portfolio of different sectors.

  • infrastructure ( BNB or Houbi )
  • Payments ( BTC, nano or something along those lines… )
  • Data Storage and processing ( Factom or something along those lines )
  • Security ( Sentinel protocol or something along those lines )

Times are rough right now, do doubt about it. But lets just take the good days as still positive signs of life for this market moving forward in the meantime to reaching our goals.

We all hurting brothers! Hang in there. :fist::muscle:


No, no…I think some people are misunderstanding me. I’m not going to liquidate my position, just reallocate percentages and diversify. Without this coming across wrong, I’d dare say I’ll probably still have way more skin in the game than most.

I think the rate of return is fantastic, although I think it will be way less if we just passively stake. I will say I’m disappointed that the release of the yellow paper didn’t so much as nudge the price a millimeter. It seems way too convoluted for the Average Joe to want to adopt, understand and endorse (this is coming from a physics major).


So basically you’re having second thoughts on being concentrated into a single crypto? I actually concentrated my holdings into ICX as I saw XCoin/ICX ratios reach historically high figures.

When the bullrun returns I will undoubtedly rediversify but not until I can double my positions in the more stable coins that I traded for ICX such as LTC.

I fully expect ICX to outpace at least 80% of the market when the bulls start running again. The stuff that outpaces ICX will probably be speculative junk like XRP, ADA, NANO etc… that constantly get random 40% pumps.


Im telling my main man, Charles Hoskinson, what you said about his baby! :sunglasses:


:rofl: Cardano’s price is waaaaay ahead of its developments. If it’s a top 10 coin before even having a main net or product of any kind where does it have to go?

I have always liked ADA but never liked its market cap compared to other projects. I’m not paying top 10 prices for a pipe dream


Ya, I see what youre saying. Theres something genuine about the guy though. His transparency with everyone is refreshing. Right now, its at 3 cents & i think it’ll reach $2 within the next couple of years so thats the way im approaching it. I think its a sound investment


I’m holding 4 coins now, but the bulk of my stack is split between ICX and XLM. I’m going to carry on like this into the new year and see how the market plays out.


That seems like some good diversity. ICX and XLM are definitely in completely different sectors.


absolutely, as are most top 15 coins really


i feel you, going all in on icx was probably one of the least smart things to do, i did make me 6 figures though, but i don’t think I would do it again

i’ve been disappointed by icx, i honestly felt in my heart that by end of 2019 icx be the nr 2 coin, and i dont mind admitting i was wrong

prolly sticking to top 15 spread it across 5-10 coins is prolly a good approach and maybe 1-2 potential high risk high reward ones like bezant


That is a good way of looking at it as well in my opinion, if i see a coin is down x56 im more keen to jump on it than one that is 15-25 x away


i still believe in icx, one day it will get there


i think so too kasdjf lk jafd