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hey harry good 2 see u m8


Me too. I stopped buying ICON to be honest.
I havent sold, but i should have when it was at 12 bucks.
I expected so much more…and with all of this other talk about other cryptos/the loop…im asking myself what is the purpose of ICON in the first place?

Thank goodness i still have BTC!


Yes, everyone expected more than what has happened during this bear market. All cryptos got wrecked. If the bear market never happened who knows what absurd price ICX would be at now without anyone asking questions.

ICON is fine and has been making great headway during this bear market. The price is not indicative of their progress. Now you can probably double your position for half the capital or less.

Great time to buy IMO. Then again it’s a great time to buy pretty much anything that isn’t shutting its doors.


this market is gonna last for years just my guess according to the history. 2 and a half years left lol. but its great gives me time to load up for cheap in the next boom



the new roadmap / status update : https://icon.foundation/contents/roadmap?lang=en


Go Icon :smiley: Another wallpaper for icon fans.


Anyone else notice that roadmap mentions adding support for STOs?


I’m so confused about this remarks… I’ve haven’t been actove in crypto right now just buying the dip but then i saw this remark on telegram.
Anyone knew about this or what is it all about…



lol i bet markus was joking xD


That’s what they are saying now. It was a joke.


No idea, but a hardfork doesn’t usually imply a malicious split into two. It simply means that the chain is forked to allow a major update that the original chain was unable to achieve through a softfork.


Nevermind it was a joke :saitama: I think i trust people too much and i’m really bad at noticing sarcasm.


wait … FUD from Markus? :man_facepalming:t2: :sweat_smile: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Iconeeeeeeeeeect :beetconnect:


I did :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:. Really good development. Min has stated many times that the tech can always change to support industry benchmarks. STOs are going to replace ICOs. I would guess Korea will more likely approve STO legislation as the ICO model dies.


image happy DCA friday boys!



I’m trying to recharge/recage my expectations…what do you guys think for price speculation ratios to BTC? ie ICX $2.50 / BTC $10,000, ICX $7.00 / BTC $15,000., etc…

Just wanted to get the hive mindset on where we could possibly go in 2019.


hard to do a correlation of price because when BTC rises in price, so does ICX only because of the sat price, but sat value could stay the same per ICX.


Nah, I get that, but don’t think it’s correlated on a 1:1 basis. Just spitball something, Manuel