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I think this weeks BTC vs ALT price action is a fairly accurate indicator. Just as most ALTs are far more oversold than BTC, they’re also more inclined to recover quicker. That’s why I’m predominantly invested in ALTs right now.


Depends on BTC dominance. When bitcoin finally bottoms out some alts could post massive gains. Where BTC was at during the bull run on alts during January 2018 doesn’t mean it has to be at a comparitive price level to see alts deliver exponential returns. In summer of 2017 NEO traded up to $50 USD with bitcoin in the $4K range. So it will depend if the market is risk on / risk off on alts during bitcoins bottom accumulation range.


Thanks, the same, got myself 2000 usd of icx this morning since it is 43x from ATH


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Not sure if anyone read this yet. Nice read about icon.


Nice! I’m still being patient, waiting for this bounce to flop over.


Same. If it doesn’t I’m fucked :rofl:


Sold most of my stuff with 2 % profit today, only have some bch left in case it goes up during sunday, but got fiat on sidelines waiting for it all to drop


I haven’t sold anything but I’m loaded up with tether. You are a crazy risk taker, but I’m sure you have done far better than me holding since August of 17’.


(In before “this ain’t the ETH thread, bro!”)

The fuck’s going on with ETH right now?


Not sure if I have done better (neither does it matter) when my gut said sell when BTC was high in 19K, i decided to listen to 99% of the community that said hodl

so nowadays i try to follow my gut more (and still fail, but also win sometimes), but then at least i can’t mentally “blame” others


The reason why it is doing that is because I had put a buy order 17% lower 2 days ago and that didn’t fully got processed so now I’m getting served :frowning: :slight_smile:


They decided to bail eth and come to icx


Just curious what you guys think. ICX was all the hype in 2017 (I was hyped as well as I was in 100%) for a long while, but as discussed the other day, coins that were exciting in a certain year aren’t necessarily popular the next (OMG was all the hype, but some people seem to really shit on it now).

ICX has so many good partnership announcements, but are almost always delayed on their milestones, they are no longer floating around the top 25 and nowadays are more around the 50.

I’m confident that ICX will have some good gains in 2019 compared to its current price, but damn ICX why do you make it so hard to love you by being indifferent on price action.

Is 2019 the year that ICX just never manages to pick up that momentum again, or will it? Time will tell. And keeping in mind that I was relatively close to getting an ICX logo as a tattoo.


Patience is the key, though we all wish our crypto investments could turn to be the next amazon price action, stick with what you see has good development, use, a goal and throw in gut feeling too.

Keeping the Amazon comparisson here, we should also note that their hodlers did not had an easy journey with their investment either, months and years of only price decrease had to be endured.

Ranting about ICON missing deadlines in less than a year of its existance is just silly, but hey, if that is what its keeping prices low I’m glad i’ll be scooping cheap coins.


Patience surely paid off for everyone that invested into BTC prior to 2017


I’m looking at this until 2025 at the earliest. How much will ICX be worth then? I’d wager that it would either be a lot or zero. I’m betting on the former.


Hats off to you, I don’t think too many think beyond 1 year even though they say they have long term vision


any info on partnership with LINE?

I was in Japan summer 2018 and Line is everywhere, ads in Metro stations JR stations etc… On the buses I see people using LINE all the time. how ICON going to be used?


All of the information we have at the moment.