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I am mainly interested in the use of ICON’s technology, if tech does not have means of use (LINK chain) investing more into it makes me question my psychology.


Me too, me and some of my finance friends have done so much research into icon.

That is why we are all long on icon, 3+ years.

It is our belief that icon will become a fundemental part of certain systems with in SK. If icon becomes a integral part of lets say the voting system of SK, then we are done as investors. Icon will be worth 10’s, 100’s of dollars.

Those who are whining now, your not thinking long term, you know something w don’t, you don’t believe in what icon are trying to achieve or you don’t appreciate how early we still are.

I wish all who move away from icon best of luck, but me and my finance mates are all going long on it. I have my position, I will now hold on to it whilst diversifying in other cryptos to build out my portfolio.


Buying ICX here and there while the market is moving sideways seems to be a good move. ICON is definitely going for the long game, and the developments they’ve been making will mold together in the coming years. I don’t think the market will start doing “2017” style moves until 2020-2021. Institutions want time to buy as low as the market will allow them to. Even if ICX isn’t in the top 10 at its peak, the returns for investors should be sizable considering the current prices.


This is painful watching the slow grind upwards while trying to be patient, smh. Cant help but believe this is a B-trap. Am I wrong Pub ?



Icon Staking Reward Calculator


Hi i hodl and forgot at 5 bucks couple months ago. came back to like 20 cents each icx lol wth


Via @2infiniti on Twitter

Here is an extended clarification, the annual staking reward of 9% is not a fixed rate. In this configuration, there’s only one rep, one eep and one dapp. In reality you may be staking to different sectors of different reward rates.

Even if you stick to one Rep, one EEP, and one DAPP, the rates can still change. These are variable rates decided by the operators. Eg. a Rep’s operation cost went up, decides to lower reward rate from 5% to 2%.

Even basing on just one report, you can still configure r_rep, r_eep, r_dapp and get a different number. 9% is not an approximation, it is arbitrary, a random example.

if you’re a staking ICONist, you can configure r_rep, r_eep, r_dapp in the Rep Report section (or not, default is 3% for all). Then choose a staking amount in the ICONist section. That’s it.

You see in this example, ICONist B stakes 50% to rep A (say r_rep_a = 3%) and 50% to rep B (say r_rep_b = 5%). His roi would be 4% for rep staking, similiarly for his DAPP staking. Since he only staked in one EEP, his reward for EEP delegation would just be r_eep


Recent ETH pump has persuaded ICON to “move” 15,000 ETH today from their ICO funds.

And they are still “moving” ETH. Just moved another 5000.


Big eth sell off then…


Just moved another 2206. So moved about $3.1m in the last hour.


It’s going to be one cracking Christmas office party.


Good Job mate! Really appreciate it when posts like this get added to the pub!

Interesting, if you ask me I think they are a little late to the party in terms of selling off their ETH position. But I just hope they know what they are doing!


They moved 30% of the 75,000 ETH today and if the movement was a sale they got about half of the ICO price. Sensible thing was to dispose of all the ETH at the time of the ICO but I guess blockchain enthusiasts have a crazy HODL mentality.

They still have 20% of the 75,000 ETH.


Stop checking it out…so frequently…!




Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas boys, girls and shemales.
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If I’ve offended anyone… it’s been a pleasure.
I look forward to doing it again in the coming year :v:


I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to absolutely no one


I wonder if we have to run our computers 24/7 for staking?


Same exact feeling here. I waited when I saw ICX below 19 cents and now it’s been slowly working its way up the whole week. Foolish me thinking my 17 cents order would fill. When does this dead cat bounce flop? So sad.


I think a large part of ICX’s massive price jump last year was hype surrounding the fact that it’s Korean. With Korea being so dominant in the crypto scene and technology in general.

People were expecting both strong fundamentals and Korean pump action. We we got at first was a lack of communication and Koreans still preferring to pump trash like XRP. We have to remember that most Koreans view crypto as a casino and don’t care much about fundamentals. They want a shit coin pump and dump to ride.