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Damn man…thats rough!




Not a bad way to get people to download the wallet and use it.


I am neither “learned”, or “talented” enough to know, personally; I have mad admiration for the amount of, “addendum-emoji” you have earned with this post though…:joy:

:hmm: :mentat:


I’ve watched coins go up a few times and did nothing. It’s too hard to catch the bottom and the high point. I bought in at 22 cents (on the way up) and sold at 27 (on the way back down). Well off from 18 cents to 29, but still some profit. I’m wondering if the next wave will be like 16 cents to 26 cents.


i think you nailed it on the head

2018 learned me to be less greedy, why try to catch the absolute bottom and absolute top with the increased risk, sometimes it is okay to win a few % less


Yeah, don’t be greedy. I always take what I can get. Gotta make back the money I lost by buying BTC at $10K lol.


you don’t ever need to catch anything if you DCA and set goals. :wink:


Only lost if you sell and BTC never recovers back to $10k mate, think most of us think it will as some stage. When trying to guess though, is like pissing in the wind :joy:

But i am doing what you are doing, slowly but surely im recovering back my initial position. But will obviously be holding a lot more, as what ive gained back is worth a hell of alot more right now.

What keeps me going is that the amount of people who invest right now is so small, and with that knowledge i know if i stay disciplined and find even just one winner out of all this…well then i’m set.


Don’t plan on selling, but happy you’re in profit from your sell.




holy … that is a big article :open_mouth:


ICX Giveaway for trading on ABCC exchange for the new listing.


good to see you back!




Anyone have success using this exchange ? Purchases and Withdraws ?


I only stick with the big exchanges that have credibility lol


I only use ones that promise my funds are safu