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@Dogeminion - We get it. You equate ICON to the one of the biggest scams in crypto history. I think you’ve made your point. Thanks for the troll.

I’ll save you the time and mark my post for you.


Happy new year people!!! :smiley: My 1rst year with crypto and with ICON :stuck_out_tongue:
So far in RED but hey it was good and new experience.


Yeah… Icon is the worst worst worst… did I say worst project ever… sell it quick… get out now… I dont believe its ever going to do anything…its going to zero… and you will have nothing… FUD!!! More FUD…needed. :wink:


The secret is out… I just want more Icon!!! :wink:


Icon not doing too bad in sum.

The fact that it’s even on the chart is pretty stunning in itself.


more interesting is that Cardano is ranked at #11 while Aion at #87 in CMC doing a DApp comparison.


And Cardano just lost Sp8de.

It’s still my favorite of the bunch, but they’re clearly behind given that Shelly is just finally getting ready to launch in the coming weeks.


Happy new year guys, stay strong, be patient, accumulate and we shall celebrate bigly down the road.

:heart: u all :handshake:



@Manuel_Villarreal I really get a lot of insight out of your posts. I really appreciate your TA. Thanks.

I do hope that 2019 brings all your dreams true!!

Thanks Man.



Thanks man, just dont get seriously whatever I post, I’m just an amateur sharing his thoughts :slight_smile: there’s some good & experienced people here in the matter :smile:

cheers !


Not really. You really post quality content, and I always enjoy reading your posts. Cheers man! :beers:


Thanks man, much appreciated :handshake:


We seem to be getting some consolidation at the moment… there will be a move up or down I expect.


You should maybe take it further man, might find you do well :slightly_smiling_face:


Another year to hodl let’s not kill each other :heart:


You guys who are still DCAing, you’re heroes.I stopped DCAing when Bitcoin hit 3k, I feared it was gonna hit 1k and clean me right out of my icx bags :sob:


so you stopped DCA’ing when ICX/BTC was the cheapest ? :flushed:


Wait for it to retest 3k… and you will get some new opportunities… I dont think we have hit the bottom… the big players will drive it down as they want cheaper coin…


Yep, more proof that Cardano is absurdly overpriced.


So I am looking to try and learn how to trade and going to use icx/USDT as a possible trading pair. I choose icx because I hold it and I think I receive the best knowledge on that and btc from everyone here at the pub. So question is I want to purchase a mini stack to trade with. Can I get to USDT on binance any other way then buying in and out of btc or eth from Coinbase?

Also any suggestions anyone can make would love to hear it.


you need to transfer something to Binance that will then trade for ICX. BTC or ETH or something else.

No other way of doing it really.