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Ok. I figured as much but didn’t know if I had missed something.


How’s everyone?
fsd gdfg


I stopped DCAing last year early Q2 and committed to begin DCAing again this year. My strategy last year was $100 per week and I have changed it this year to start extremely light. Probably going to start with just $10 per week which might seem laughable, but with most projects down 95% with no signs of bottoming I will be able to 1.) not care a whole lot about seeing a small amount of capital continue to drop, 2.) Acquire positions that have significantly high upside potential in the coming years. As more evidence suggests that the market has bottomed I will increase my DCA amounts. I don’t want to be the guy looking back in 3 years like I was in 2017 wishing I would have started years ago which lead to a lot of mistakes and a lot of emotional pain. <- this also lead to improving myself.

I have gained significant knowledge on technical analysis and trading over 2018 and I’m going to continue to add to that knowledge bank as well so that I can take advantage of the endless opportunities that this market provides.



Hmm… Icon is still up after BTC waned slightly and leveled off from it’s latest rise. As a hodler who just finished sorting through the muck of getting 2018’s crypto tax report squared away, I’m wondering if this is a possible trend or a signal to sell.


Don’t you dare sell that ICX!!
Hodl till 2023!!!



what if next bear cycle starts in 2022 ? HODL till 2025 ? :beetconnect: :troll:


moon let’s go !!!


Icon moving indipendently of BTC that’s good to see, hopfully its a sign of the future…:+1:


Technical are pointing to pretty significant gains on alt coins/BTC pairs while BTC dominance is dropping. Take it or leave it :saltbae:


When BTC tanks, alts will do 3x harder. :man_shrugging:t2:


Couldn’t have put it better pal. This will happen


Run looks finished anyway


Every moment in the market is unique.


Let’s go. :rocket:



Haven’t been on much. Been very busy with my new business but I still believe… In another crash so I can buy more ICX!!!

Come on!


You have to use reverse psychology. The crypto bots scan the pub because the market makers know this place is where the last of the moonboys hide out. :tent::circus_tent:

Try> I can’t believe I bought the bottom. I’m all in now ready to go to the moon!

:bogged: he bought? Dump it.


Good thinking Mac!

I think the bots know we are near bottom as active pub members are super low right now!


It seems like ICX has been outperforming the market these past few days. Going up when BTC is going down. Is this the re-purchase by chance?


I’ve been off grid for the past 2 weeks. This movement is awesome. Up 25% on my December buys. I like!