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I am with you on that. Screw the distorted retirement idea. Do things you love and do them forever. There’s so much to learn and so much to become. It’s not running away / escaping from, but more of running or entering into that is my perspective.



the only true source of happiness.


So does anyone have a date of when we can actually start staking ICX… :frowning:


@elliottdiaz if you mean … that ICX… its all mine …HaHaHa… … its all mine… thats my stake! :wink:

I would get as much of it as you can. You can see how good its doing. Just need patience. However there are some other great projects out there too… BZNT is one… also have a look in the Alt capitulation thread.

Personally speaking TRON I wouldnt touch with a bargepole. However you dont really know about any of them until you really dig into.

Good luck.


It will fill … dont worry … its just when… we are headed down… patience… is all that is needed.



uhm appreciate the response haha, but i would consider doing just a bit more research on different types of consensus algorithms.

Proof of work (Bitcoins algorithm) rewards people who contribute to the network by providing transaction authentication and security (why people talk about buying mining rigs to make bitcoins)

Proof of stake, proof of whatever… will reward their contributors in different ways.

This is the quick relevant paragraph from the yellowpaper


Im just wondering if anyone has heard of a date that we will actually be able to start, essentially staking ICX.

Tron has had their staking available for the past 6 months and has worked flawlessly so I have nothing to hate on with TRX


fair play bud… wasnt quite sure what you meant about stake… got you now.

Not sure to be honest. A question I have if you are always swing trading ICX does this count as part of earning a stake? The information is all there in the white paper, someone probably understands this quicker than me. I have my head in python and pandas unfortunately.

If anyone knows would be pretty useful to know for us long term swing traders of ICX.



To swing trade you need your holdings on an exchange, while staking requires that they be in your wallet.


@Nathan_D i thought there were different ways for you to be active with ICX… and this affects your percentage stake or return.


Yes, but none of them are possible when your coins are in an exchange wallet for which you don’t own the private keys.


I fear you may be right, I just finished reading “Fooled by Randomness” by Nassim Taleb and I’m starting to believe more and more there may be no rhyme or reason to the market, most of the time.


What wallet is everyone using for ICX? Some form of hardware wallet?


Iconex accessed through a ledger


Thank you i will look into that


Is there a tdlr synop for staking? Did I see that staking 10k yields approx 1,200 icx/yr?


Staking is not yet available. The 12% number you saw was just an example. Results will vary depending on your participation.

Here is a staking calculator you can use, but it’s a bit complex: https://icon.support/toolbox/iiss/

I don’t think staking will be available until Q3 or Q4 based on some info I read in theICON.ist article this morning. TBD.


cool calculator, thanks for sharing :+1:


That staking calculator is ridiculous. It has more variables and assumed constants than a very complex physics problem.

Does staking really need to be more complex than the Drake Equation? FFS

That is not conducive to mass adoption.


I agree - 100%. It is complex and difficult for the average person to use.

The good news is that by the time we will be staking these details will all be clarified, simplified, and easy to use. When staking is ready there will be plenty of instructions to guide users through an easy process to stake.

If they fail to make it simple and easy for every day users then you’re absolutely right…It will not be conducive at all to mass adoption.


I’m sure that staking itself will be simple. Just move your coins onto staking compatible wallets. However, people tend to want to know what their ROI is going to be before allocating a good amount of capital to an investment with a rate of return.

They really should have taken a look at NEO, the most successful staking platform. It’s very simple and easy to understand. Sure they could have added an extra variable or two but this seems absolutely unnecessary.