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Icon needs to reward it loyal token holder with some damn stakes!!


Yeah…what the hell is all of that?
lol…my brain is already fried from my other studies…


Choi is currently in the midst of the p-rep campaign, researching candidates and target groups and countries, reaching out to blockchain associations across the globe and strategizing for the actual p-rep election to be held in September.

We still have a long way to go & wait guys, so relax, accumulate and be patient.


Heal the world, make it a better place :studio_microphone:


heal my crypto portfolio


why the skull @kryptokenzie :sweat_smile: ? :man_shrugging:t2:


9 months? That’s like 8 years in crypto.


it could also be delayed :beetconnect: :sweat_smile:


Pushed Bakkt?


I did not read Sept 2019 at all :beetconnect: :tent:

Sept 2020 is more realistic for ICON :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:


I just keep on DCA’ing.

I haven’t seen anyone do a YouTube video or make a thread about their ICX DCA experiemnt, let alone talk about spreadsheets for 2019 lolol.


it’s really painful to watch a shitcoin like Tron moon and Icx struggles to break 0.30$.


Should dump pretty hard when btc does though


But hey a good opportunity to make some money on tron even if it is shit lol. These cones ain’t loyal so neither am i lol


WTF is this? are we mooning? :dogemoon:


I think icon should show how great their mobile wallet is by having eth based coins utilize the icon wallet… yay or nay??


What makes you think that Tron is a shitcoin?
Tron has made great progress during the current bear market. More and more DAPPs are being developed in Tron. User accounts has passed 1 million. Tron own BitTorrent which is releasing its own coin.

What progress does ICX make?




Tron used part of its funding to acquired bitTorrent, not sure its long term strategy on this, but at least to show that it is serious, not just like grabbing the money and ran like a scam.

BitTorrent has 150 million monthly users all around the world.
Large user base is $$.


If I want to own shares on a 2B crypto that only has games and gambling Dapps as most used, then yeah Tron is the way to go or EOS lmao :joy:


In the future and if XRP grew so large and bought FB, I am sure many people out there will still think it is a shitcoin/scam, no matter what it has accomplished, it is always a scam, period. :joy: