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Many crypto projects out there have great idea and ambitious plans, but not much real action. BUIDL and making real progress is the key to success in the long term, i think. Just look at Binance, growing fast in all direction even in bear market, already way past Coinbase and other exchanges.


Tron to $1 soon.


poor ICX :icx: :disappointed_relieved: 'bout to be rejected once more?



please let it be that final rejection before $1000 moon shot



I’d like to know the points VELIC liked about ICON and disliked about the others, appart from the idea of “hyperconnect”.

As a financial DApp, VELIC has been searching for a suitable smart contract platform to develop upon. Our team reviewed Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, and Qtum, however, we ultimately decided to develop on the ICON’s loopchain.


well I guess we’ll never know just like other things we’re curious about Icon.


Yuhuuu,I’ve just catched 1300 ICX for free.



To reiterate:

ICONLOOP = the company

loopchain = ICONLOOP’s independently developed blockchain engine

ICON = ICONLOOP’s public blockchain project

Of course, some of you may still be wondering how ICONLOOP’s private blockchain networks impact the ICON project. Though the ICON Foundation has already explained this on its own, we’ll provide a brief summary of our own. In short, ICONLOOP’s private blockchain networks provide important use cases for loopchain, the core technology upon which ICON is built. ICONLOOP also aims to connect the private networks to ICON’s public network in the future, consequently increasing the demand for the ICX token.


if the market stays like this for another 9 months, ICON will have had a series of RIFs and be beleaguered to a point of no recovery.

its that simple


I highly doubt it :man_shrugging:t2:


doubt what? …


this. :point_up:t2:



you can take that to the bank, if the market is like this all year, its a dead coin


So tell us why we should believe you?
What qualifies you to make such an assumption…


I could give a fuck if you believe me


Sweet, because I couldn’t give a fuck about your opinion.
Was just wondering if you had any facts/data to back up your claim. :ok_hand:


The good 'ole ICX discussions :rofl:


What a great contribution to the Pub. :rofl:

Trolling 101:

  1. Make general statement with intent to antagonize
  2. Omit any data or basic reasoning
  3. When confronted, act childish and defensive

Love it when prices drop and these types of people come out to bless us with their incredible wisdom. :rofl: