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New token “nomad” added to Icon Tracker

All I can find, and it’s weak, is a connection to CEO of DAYLI Intelligence KJ Eee and his Nomad Connection


Any “nomad” token ICO upcoming that has no connection to the above speculation?


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Cozy joined 19 November :eyes:

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Please say it ain’t so




Haven’t been here for a bit, happy to see where’s sparky thread is still going strong



As you are aware alot of us Pubbers really like ICON. Naturally any post you make like that will be considered a flame unless you back it up with some facts. I for one think ICON is positioning itself very well.

I could go into the reasons, these are my own, but hey by the sound of it your mind is already made up.

I wish you the best in your endeavours in whatever coins that might be… Takes a whole world of people to make a world.

All my very best,



The Korean Economic Daily, the most widely read economic newspaper among the Korean office workers and university students, introduced the ICON Project under the subject ‘Virtual Currency 10 Years’.


I like ICON alot myself, I own a large bag. Its just basic economic reality that the project will die off after a multi year bear market. Lots of people with no business background on here who tend to argue regardless of what is presented, so I bypass them completely.


Surprisingly Cozy as difficult as it may sound,

I indirectly work for a South Korean Funded company. Icon is at the leading edge of the South Korean crypto space. It cant and will not fail. If you look back at ICON, it has a contract in place to provide a service with Samsung phones.

I would strongly suggest you do some research in the forecasted cycle of Bitcoin. Are we are the bottom yet or where is it going approximately when? (These are not questions more like pointers for you to look at)

Given what I know where Icon is, is it a sure thing? No. Will it return on the investment on what I have put into it by the year 2023… yes… and you know what? if it doesnt I have other irons in the fire too, the crash bot is there…

So good hear you are a Icon supporter. i would be apprehensive to dismiss the future of ICON. It is doing alot right in a very quiet and methodical way… I will buy more when the market reaches a point when I want to buy more… and in the meantime I am developing the crash bot… all win win for me.



best of luck on the trading bot, I’m impressed by people smart enough to run those and make money.


As much as I would like to say its running, its not. I need to be sure of what it is doing, sure of the indicators that it is using and to be able to model its responses to various inputs… testing more testing and more testing.

I am in the process of development. I have a road map… just need to keep learning python and pandas right now… im in the coding space… 100 days or python and pandas… or more…



Technically both Aion and ICX look dead.


How does a coin technically look dead?




The price is not indicative of actual project progress. If a company has a low stock price that doesn’t make the company itself bad. It makes people good at investing in undervalued stocks very rich when they run the numbers and wait.

If ICON continues to work diligently then it will succeed. The price is irrelevant to their work and partnerships. Once they accomplish their goals the price will become vastly higher. Once ICON has achieved what they set out to achieve then it will basically be running Korea and BTC will have no influence over its value. A crypto bear market will not matter because the project will have real world value. Not just crypto speculation that goes up and down with the whims of manipulators, traders and scared/FOMOing noobs.


ur missing some basic economics there chief


I think you are both right… icon will follow btc til sometime through the next bull cycle. Get ready to pick up more icx cheap in the coming weeks… might hit 0 1 per coin.


Must be some good LSD going around just now. :eyes:


Hello everyone, I’ve been out of the loop now for… a very long time. Can somebody catch me up to what has happened since ICON was $8.50 ish? The entire market seems to have tanked hard. I’m holding a large bag of ICX atm and have been since it was ath. Thanks.


uhmmm first of all … did you made the token swap in any of its ways?