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Awesome Mert_Tuncer. I cant really see this … will have a look later… I don’t think anyone is thinking of what we are trying to do in this space… its a bit of a novel concept…



I’m always around but since nothing really happening i’m on the sideline right now. We will see how it goes since alot of people have really bad sentiment with ICX. Not that they swayed me away from it. I think ICX will be the coin i will hold even if the crypto world will end. :dogemoon:

Would be glad to join the next ICO price for icon if that even happens. Although this new ATL is kinda made people lose the little faith they had on icon.


Ooh nice. Some old pending buys just csme through around 540 and 550 range. My cheapest score yet!


The whole market is down… i mean 6 dollar neo?


The ICO thing is nothing to worry about. The next big wave of excitement and investment capital is going to come from STOs. ICOs are dinosaurs already and pretty much recognized as scam central. ICON is actually poised to dominate in the STO scene.

The next bull run will certainly be fueled by STOs which will be allowed in the US as opposed to ICOs which are being restricted and banned everywhere due to a large number of them being scammy.


Any source for a good sto primer?


Search is your friend.



How so?
Would that also include Ontology(ONT)?


ONT was a NEO NEP5. I’m not sure what you mean.


My bad. ONT has some things related to security.

But how is ICON poised to dominate the STO scene?


Have a look at enroyd.com. It uses an AI prediction model for many different cryptocurrencies.


The ICX chart looks like a dumpster fire


sexy isnt it? :megusta: :megusta:


It sure does, made some purchases in the 18 cent range… Beautiful irrelevant FUD news.


I knew you wouldn’t like it Manuel, no fibs! J/K. It wasn’t an endorsement at all, just thinking that it was another possible source of information for the crash bot.


Okay, I’m going to put some of my profit sharing into the market. And this is probably the last cash infusion for me (I’ve been buying the dip and it keeps dipping!).

I’m going to allocate $10,000. What would you buy?


Icon, zil, xrp, decentraland


at this point … Binance coins seems to be a good bet, they have been doing some nice work

XRP is popular though I dont favor the company, its popularity will help the coin a lot to pamp again.

or just buy BTC, why not?

anyway, you dont need to spend 10k right now, the bottom is not in yet and once bottom does show, expect 8-12 months of sideways.


NEO, ICX, ADA & BTC are what i’d go with…