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Wait for BTC to pump to $3800-$4300 open a 10x leveraged short and ride it down. Personally I’m not looking at accumulating anything in this market presently.


Why NEO? Please elaborate


ICX, NEO, VET, LTC Although I’m sure you probably already have enough ICX but these prices are crazy.


Solid project, solid team, flourishes despite its own country banning crypto. Free GAS dividends. What’s not to like about NEO?


Quite a bit to be worried about… some of the core team and developers supposedly went to Ontology… The whole gas/dividend sketches me out so much. “Buy our worthless coin to receive more worthless coins” Seems like they wanted to onboard dumb money and now that, thats complete…they are now going to pump Ontology. This whole market is full of scams. Don’t get caught with your pants/pajis down.


You might want to do some research. NEO itself is meant to be owning a share of the network similar to owning a security while GAS is meant to be the currency and is divisible while NEO is not. Some team members from NEO are working on both projects just like people at ICON work on LOOP. Also, people move and change jobs ALOT in the tech scene. They just follow the money or get bored and do something else. Lots of money chasing their skills plus short millennial attention spans.

NEO is a fully functional, robust blockchain. It’s not vaporware like 90% of the ecosystem.


Sounds like you spoke to Da Hongfei himself!? They follow the money or get bored? Well, I hope they aren’t getting bored because they should be working hard. I do agree that they follow the money…Tell Da what’s up next time you speak to him! Or are you just going off a piece of paper to convince yourself?..Talk is cheap!!!


I know people with degrees in computer science and computer science engineering. This is their behavior. They switch jobs like they’re toilet paper. They get better offers constantly… Some get bored of their current job/position, some work hard and get burned out. Either way the result is the same, they change jobs because their desirability in the workforce allows them to be incredibly mobile.

It’s called doing research on the project. Do some… That’s how people decide on stocks too, it’s called research. By your logic you can’t invest in anything unless you talk to the founder/CEO. I can’t tell if you’re really bad at trolling or just actually incredibly short sighted.


If you are comparing stocks to crypto…you are horribly confused or delusional. Stocks have earning reports and have actual profits. If they switch jobs like toilet paper–then they must have flushed neo down the drain a long time ago… Speaking of research…Have you researched their connection to Bitmain?:grimacing: I can research any “facts” but that doesn’t make it real or valid. I can’t tell if you are a bag-buying moonboy or a child. Question…Did you do any research before buying ICX above a dollar?


.08 cents away from initial token price! :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::money_mouth_face:


Yes, you can research any topic that you want. That research then leads to you believe whether or not the claim of that topic is plausible. You can find bad sources, false data, illogical conclusions, all sorts of things. Researching a narrative does not always strengthen that narrative.

For example: If you research the narrative that vaccines are bad for you it’s pretty easy to find the source of that narrative. It’s a rigged “study” made by a doctor with an agenda who has since had his license revoked. Researching that narrative did not lead me to believe it’s true. Critical thinking allows you to distinguish valid claims and data from pseudoscience, fake news and snake oil.

Unfortunately many people do not have the ability to distinguish between good data and bad data when researching a topic and get led astray.

I sure did do some research on ICON. That research revealed solid fundamentals, a legitimate company, government backing and a good team. There’s not much research you can do on price aside from pouring over charts and finding trends that may or may not continue. Fundamentals allow you to distinguish between scams and legitimate projects. Price however is a totally different animal.


I think you mean 8 cents. that would mean that ICX is 11.08 cents or $0.1108.


Anyone notice Exx Exchange price off ICX. Something fishy their.


What do you mean?:icx:


NEX - They release their DEX in february.
Small issue: until then you can’t buy it only for NEO on Aphellion DEX.


Icon to the Moon!


It is coming home! it is coming!


The core features for what ICON could be worthy are still in research, that is why the price is almost back to ICO price, among many others as stated in their roadmap https://icon.foundation/contents/roadmap?lang=en


I agree. Apparently it’s possible that staking might not be possible until around September. This is why I still stick to my theory of boring price action until the 2020-2021 years for ICON. Great opportunity if you believe in the team and what they’re building though!


not even sept this year, the election of some REPS will be done in Q4 of this year, so I’d say for 2nd half od 2020 maybe we could see something.