ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



Completely agree. Icon has become my most consistinat dca every week. Slow and steady wins the race. I am looking to reach a goal and then hopefully pass it.

I wonder what amount is considered to be a whale now in icx.


Besides, staking should be interesting once comunication of Private and Public chains is completed, then add several dozens of users (different companies) to create value in the network, why would I care for staking when none of the previous points are acheived yet?


Interesting to see a POC going on. Will be interesting to see what their thoughts are afterwards.


Huge! to the moon ICX!




Just pulled the trigger and purchased just above 1million icx tokens … lets hope this ages well in months/years to come


Holy fuck. That’s some serious money. :star_struck:

Curious, have you diversified at all, or just going all out on ICON?


I don’t think he’s serious…


After looking at the order book, I assume you’re correct. But you never know. :wink:

The pub does have a few whales here. I can name three off the top of my head, so a fourth wouldn’t surprise me. :slight_smile:


All out in icx my friend. That was my plan in 2017 with neo. I been holding off from DCA’ing all year for this moment


I’m curious about something. Min reweeting mineable’s review which talks about the possibility of Samsung Galaxy 10 using Chain ID isn’t a way of endorsing the speculations indirectly ?


There is about 1M ICX in the order book between 0.1800 and 0.1820.


Nice video to remind us all of the epic project that is ICON…

I still struggle to see a negative in this project.




havent seen ICON being shilled this hard in a long time.

someone scooped a bunch of ICX.



Are you still a fan and topping up on ICX?


1 mil purchased and nothing happens to price?


The thing ICON has struggled with are delays. Now, it’s not really an issue long term (short term speculators don’t like it), but it can become an issue if their roadmap isn’t in line with that of their partners.

If ICON is taking too long while other viable prospects are developing in a more efficient manner, there’s a good chance they’ll branch away as a partner. I always keep this in mind when I invest in ICON to keep my expectations realistic.


bitcoin taking a rest for 2 more years lol. its ok no hurry who cares