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That’s the smart move man. I’m even going to put some money into XRP!



And I’d love to invest in XRP, but my ethics won’t allow it. But that’s because I’m retarded, and I don’t look down on you whatsoever for being able to invest in it. :joy:

In fact, I actually envy you for being able to. At the end of the day, I may absolute despise XRP, EOS, and BCH, but we’re all different people with different values, and all these projects are great hedges (well, maybe not BCH lol).


ICX!!! Nothing else matters :sob:


apart from Bitcoin :sunglasses:


Speaking of which, the tone in here is oddly optimistic given that ICX will likely be 15c by the time the week closes. You know only the die hards are left when everyone wants it to tank so that they can load up. :joy:


Well, I just picked some up so we are guaranteed to head down further, haha.



This means all vendors(not just us) doing blockchain projects for Seoul Metropolitan must use loopchain.


Yeah, I saw this yesterday and FOMO’d for the first time in almost a year. Bought 2k more ICX “just to make sure”. :wink:

PS. Well worth a double post!


Oooops I see. Already posted. Sorry.


Which other solid projects are you interested in?


Alt coins are definitely subjective, so most people likely won’t agree with what I consider good projects.

That being said, here are the ones I’ve invested in. I won’t say why since I don’t want to shill. :slight_smile:

Bitcoin (BTC) - The King
ICON (ICX) - Smart contract platform
Cardano (ADA) - Smart contract platform
IOTA (MIOTA) - Machine-to-machine IoT micro transactions
Vechain (VET) - Supply management (and soon to be many other things)
Elastos (ELA) - OS agnostic digital asset and ID platform for Web 3.0

I have two others that I’m also looking to invest in, but am waiting for cheaper prices.


Thanks! I was already thinking to split my investment (which is waiting if we will get any lower) and also to get into ADA. I will think about it more :D. I still lean more to ICX but split like 70:30 would be worth it maybe.


Aside from the lower cap. What makes Cardano a better investment than Ethereum? Knowing that both are smart contract platforms.


Oh man, that’s a loaded question. Let me try my best here:

  1. Ouroboros: Ethereum is currently PoW, yet trying to switch over to PoS (Casper). It has yet to be proven if that transformation is even possible. Meanwhile, Cardano has been built with PoS as it’s basis (Ouroboros), which is the first PoS consensus method that has been peer reviewed to have the same durability as PoW.

  2. Peer Review: Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, was also the co-founder of Ethereum. During his time at Ethereum, he was displeased with how sloppy and rushed the code was. He left to pursue Cardano, where all code must go through a peer review process. His thought process is that it’s better to do things once, and do them right, rather than rush them and risk another DAO type hack (which caused Ethereum to split into ETH and ETC).

  3. Treasury: Most projects in crypto raised capital through VCs, or through ICOs. This gives them the runway necessary to continue production. Problem is, when the money runs out, the platform has no choice but to rely on donations or volunteers. Cardano however takes a small percentage of the PoS dividends, and pools them in a decentralized treasury. ADA holders then vote through staking, on how the treasury will be used to continue development of Cardano. When all these projects are broke, Cardano will have the only inherent system in place to continue development, even if it’s decades from now.

  4. Layered: Ethereum was a first mover for a lot of new key concepts, such as smart contracts. The problem with being the first is that you don’t yet know the best way to approach things. Cardano was able to learn from Ethereum’s mistakes, and coded their tech into two layers: a settlement layer for basic transactions, and then a separate computational layer for smart contracts. This makes it very easy to separate the two functions, and make updates or changes, whereas with Ethereum, it’s all coded together and any changes often break the core code (as seen in the vulnerability that delayed the recent hard fork).

  5. Plutus & Marlowe: Typical smart contracts are very difficult to program, however features recently added to Cardano allow developers to easily create smart contracts quickly and with ease. This is a complete game changer for smart contracts.

  6. Shelley: The Shelley update will make Cardano one of the first completely decentralized projects in the space. Shelley will be v1.5, meanwhile we’re already at v1.4. It’s right around the corner.

Now the downside to Cardano: Ethereum has hundreds (if not thousands) of projects being built on top of it. Cardano however, has only a select few. This is because a few months ago, Cardano was all theory, and was not ready for third party development. However all the pieces recently came together, and progress has accelerated to a frenzy, including the recent release of Marlowe, Plutus, etc. Cardano is now at the point where it will become highly attractive to developers.


2019 is the year to get into crypto. I have been shilling crypto to friends and family and I feel none of them take it seriously. They’ll ask 3 years from now, when BTC is > 6 figures, if it’s a good time to buy.


Thanks for the detailled answer !


My pleasure. Cardano is a “love it or hate it project”, so I know a lot of people will disagree with me. I’ve done my research and love it, but to each their own. :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry for the huge rant, and for getting us off topic. :slight_smile:


my weekly 20 dollar DCA s will save us lol


Loaded up on more Quant (QNT) a few days ago. Thanks Godel for the excellent recommendation!


Don’t ever apologise for quality content like this. Absolutely fantastic post :ok_hand: makes me feel like a cunt for posting absolute shit for the last few months… :joy: cheers @Nathan_D


Legend :heart: