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Sparky still hanging about like a fuckin creep though :eyes: :joy:


This is where I am too, albeit with slightly less overall worth. That said, BTC and ICX make up the vast majority of my portfolio, with a smidgen of TEL and TAU thrown in as wildcards. Also still hodling C20.


This is an ICX thread… Please take that traitor talk elsewhere!

:icx: 4 life


New office is looking sweet!


Looking pretty good for a company that’s ‘doing nothing’


Apple were ‘doing nothing’ 2 years prior to releasing the iPhone…


Maybe everyone thinks their chosen project will “make it” but I can’t speak for those project. I can’t argue against your ideas and I certainly can’t say if your project will succeed or fail…

But anyone please attempt to tell me ‘Why’ ICON won’t make or why they won’t succeed.
And ill tell you how you are wrong!


I was also promised we’d see $100 before sub $1 :man_shrugging:t2:


Piss off Manuel I was (like many others) caught in the euphoric feels of the market and based on what data we got at the time, it felt like we would get to 100 bucks before 1…

But hindsight is 2020 and I’m glad you’re here to remind us


lol take it as a pub anectdote, we will all have stories to tell when the sun shines bright again on the cryptoverse.

:cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_lightning::tornado::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::sun_behind_rain_cloud: :sun_behind_large_cloud::sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny:


We will my friend and I’ll buy you a shot of tequila when we meet.


Just wait till the total market cap reaches 800 Billion dollars again. ICX (ATH) x 100K = Muahahahahahahahah!


I wish that was my bumhole…

After a bull run :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart::fire::two_men_holding_hands:


We’re all going to be shitting in our 바지/ Baji’s. I’ll meet you all on Mt. Olympus, and we’ll toast to the good life.


Insider trading baby… Or maybe the P&Ds have had enough of Tron and are now concentrating on ICX?


Insider trading at its finest.

Maybe Galaxy S10 coming loaded with icon wallet. :tada::tada:


I heard every Samsung Pass verification will require an ICX… And there’ll be millions of transactions…

Stock up Brother


Sorry but I had to put a spoiler on that. Was eating when I scrolled through… :disappointed:


Yeah exactly what was going on with that bit of independent movement. Sounds like the way to go with Samsung Pass verification.

I want to know who just caused the market to move that much? Independant to BTC?



Slow and steady brother you know the drill.

I wonder how much the pub holds now in Icx. With this down turn and people adding to there stacks it’s gotta be pretty big.