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The picture I can stomach, the market…That’s what upsets my stomach. No worries Matt. :slight_smile:


Lawrence, you have just had a bit of independant movement, when I just bought a million ICX!! (cackles with glee) - it wasnt me unfortunately.

So I think the picture does not look bad for ICX.



Who just bought some?



When I traded my 15% icx bag for chainlink with the intent to make more icx, then icx make a move…


Diagonals are a bit subjective tbh. Horizontals are king and we just reclaimed that range. :man_shrugging:



Yea waiting to buy and it’s growing now. Darn!


Yeah, up 18% on the day. Price is going bonkers.

Scratch that. 23%. WTF.


A lot of people waited for ico price, now we see fomo :smiley:


Veey true abour the tone…


Good to see ICX getting some decent green long may it continue.:+1:




Or is it a …

BULLTRAP ? :man_shrugging:t2:

Dead cats bounce? :man_shrugging:t2:


Credit to Nicholas Driga

"Just collected everything useful / interesting about ICON from the community. FAQs / calendar / calcs / dev resources / tutorials / papers / links / reviews etc. Maybe later I’ll add some analytics here.
Hope this will be helpful for novice ICONists to explore ICON :wink: "


neat work, adding it to my favs.


Guys… unfortunately we are still going down in the longer run… its good to see some action on icx independant of btc… its really something…

Keep strong… i think thete will be an up on btc shortly… so i dont think the rise is over…



IF ICX gets above 750 sats, it is into something.


I’m actually really curious about the price rise. Could be insider trading or a PnD scenario. The volume looks a bit too substantial for that though. I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s oversold considering the whole market has been placebo. Overall, we have no clue where the market is headed :man_shrugging: .


Who was the whale that telegraphed his 1 million icx purchase? I think he was legit!