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Mineable with some promotion


It is Coming!


So fomo now or nah? :icx::icx:


I will wait… when BTC hits its low, so will every other Alt coin by default… we are not through the worst of it. and you know what if it doesnt … then I am a very happy bunny too.



Could this be the buyback?

Ive gotta G pending on coinbase. Was expecting to reload at 18 cents. Guess ill wait for the inevitable retrace


Think it could possibly do with the release on galaxy S10 on the 20th? :icx:


so much pain
so much pain


Its too early for release on Samsung… i would say… something else is happening… good thought about buyback.


Yeah, You can aswell have fun with it, fiddle that ICON on highs and lows:>


Ditto. Swear to god, my timing sucks. I should just be philanthropic to the community and rage quit…the bull run should start shortly thereafter.



I thought that was you making the market swing dude!!!



This one made me smile :stuck_out_tongue:


From a speculative standpoint I can see this happening. If there are realistic expectations of ICON integration on the S10 this soon, it will be similar to the LINE partnership.

For example, utilizing loopchain, but mainly in development without usage of ICX until a later date. If you’re mainly looking at price, it will most likely continue sideways until the market as a whole decides to go up, but what do I know.


It’s been a nice couple of days for ICON. It could be due to the buyback, S10 excitement, recent shilling videos or people just plain realizing that ICON is crushing it even during this bear market and has no business being so low.

Its price has been laughable considering everything it’s been doing.


yeah boys its great to see all the positives recently and a nice little price move gets the heart pumping again, but be cautious not to buy on the fomo trip.


If people would stop shilling ICX untill BTC gets into a bull run … that’d be great. :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:

Otherwise good news will just fade on the next BTC damp :beetconnect: :bogged:


@Manuel_Villarreal It’s official bear market is over. Bottom is in. Sending my lambo order now.


Praying to bear Jesus for those big red girthy dildos. :raised_hands:t2:


Veiny too, dont forget the veinssssss :rofl::joy::rofl: