ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



Let’s just say that since Icon and us have the same financial backers… we talk a lot.


Yeah people shouldnt underestimate Block/Aergo. Blocko is still Korea’s largest enterprise blockchain company. Only IBM has deployed more blockchain projects than Blocko world wide.


I think we are due for one of those patron icon discord chats. :grin:


I thought discord disappeared, :weary:


I did. I am just reminiscing.


it did, but it has been resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes! https://discord.gg/mh7UZy



And there was me thinking that Peter didnt know anything about ICON and he just shrugs his shoulders.

Its a long hodl I have seen that. It gives me the opportunity to amass more. Everyone be grateful as we all have this opportunity. Get ready for the BTC dump. Its going to happen. Take that coin and bank everyone that you can!! Collect more and more and more…

Also keep building. I have a phenomenal idea to get new people to the crypto market. I just got to get things working.



Nothing I know behind the scenes is news worthy. I could “fake” news but it wouldn’t do anyone good. (Meaning: make progress bigger than it is).

Real operators are heads down working during this bear season. You’ll be able to better decide when (we) deliver.


Are you still doing DCA on ICX continuing from last year?



An insight in Korea



Moon and Lambos back on the cards


You mean another lambo?


Real use case!


It’s crazy that my smaller investment in Quant is almost worth as much as my huge investment in ICX. Btw, @K_Godel, how about that $Qnt!?


I won’t touch it.


Wow, I just looked at it. That is one ridiculous chart. From 25 cents to over $4 during this bear market! Holy crap!!!



nobody uses ICON for anything, its a Ghost blockchain


Just a few posts above you buddy… Read, it’ll do you some good.