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What has mate? How you been?


Quant. It’s an interoperable platform similar to ICX. It’s been on a tear. I got in at a buck twenty something and of course wish I had really loaded up. It’s gone from #200+ on CMC to #75. At this rate it might surpass my beloved Icon.


Nicely done! If I might ask what compelled you to invest and did you know that it would explode so soon?


You’ve done good. Looks like a rocket


I can’t speak on behalf of airbaker, and I also don’t want to de-rail the thread as it is focused on ICX, but for anyone interested, I went ahead and outlined how I viewed the opportunity below. The same thought-process can be applied with any crypto blockchain/startup/business:

  • Gilbert was already hinting at multiple banking parters (and others), he just couldn’t announce them publically (you can reference his early apr 2018 interviews and correspondance);

  • He left high ranking positions in government, finance, and tech to create this venture, bringing with him a multitude of experience and talent in the form of his former colleagues and partners

  • He was speaking of multiple initivaties and ideas that hinted at an appropriate value much higher than what you could buy QNT at the time.

  • Being able to buy QNT for ~16 cents on IDEX back in Aug/Sept of last year was like the equivalent of somehow brokering a back-door deal with your neighbor that eventually went on to found something like a Google, before Google officially became a true publically traded and profit producing company.

  • You could tell right away by conducting due-diligence on Gilbert that he was special, both from a tacit business knowledge standpoint and technical. It should have never been valued so low, but it was. The market is irrational


I had loosely followed it months ago as I’m interested in all things interoperable (imagine if tcp/ip was monetized). I follow @K_Godel on twitter and he had mentioned an interest as well (in fact, he had already invested much earlier). I respect him immensely so it was the impetus to get me to actually put my money where my mouth was. I’m glad I did!


Thank you for the reply! Will need to follow @K_Godel as well sounds like…:wink:


Oh yeah, I Just hit the follow button myself. The man is an oracle.


This weekend Iv’e been looking over my portfolio, looking at what i want to invest in over the next couple of years. Currently I am DCAing between XRP, ICX, BNB, ETH and BTC. QNT could be a good addition, but is anyone still looking to buy after such a strong run up from $1ish only months ago.

@K_Godel i presume you have a decent holding in QNT, are still adding to your positions or sitting on what you have? I also ask that question to anyone else out there too.

@CraigMak Still Dcaing mate?


I personally wouldn’t suggest investing in QNT given that it’s currently at it’s ATH. No need to FOMO.

Better to invest in something that’s down 95%+ yet still has solid fundamentals. Think long term.

If QNT retraces over the next few months, then go for it. Until then, there’s no need to take added risks when we’re already in a bear market.


My general philosophy is to never chase runs, with the rare exception of adding to an underweight position during a general bull-market trend :+1:

To the second part of your question: I haven’t sold any QNT and don’t plan on it for some time. LT for me.


Hey Leo,
I never did DCAing. I just recently filled some orders of ICX around 18.5 cents and NEO around $6.80. Those are my first purchases in quite some time. My stacks got much bigger on less capital. The risk/reward ratio on stuff that’s down this much is through the roof IMO.

If there’s another dip I’ll buy some more. I never thought that DCA was great as long as you watch the market and have chunks to throw in. Now all my entries are much lower than if I was buying all year.


K_Godel, be sure to let us know when you think you’ve found another winner. ICX is looking pretty strong right now from the news lately though. Are you still buying ICX dips?


@CraigMak By virtue of a shift in my investment strategy, I am not (https://twitter.com/godeLives/status/1055864893985804288)


exhibit A for why taking advice from one of the pub experts makes you a complete retard.


Wow! That seems like quite the risky strategy. If we hit a bull run I guess those will surely sky rocket more than any of the top 50.


@Nathan_D My thoughts exactly mate. I now will be keeping a eye on it, and if we do get a nice retracement of some kind then i’ll buy some. I have started on my weekly DCA putting a little portion of it to the side in cash, for opportunities like cheaper QNT for example.

What are you now holding nathan?

@K_Godel Makes sense, i will look for entries on QNT. Right now is probably not a good time for that. Regards to you re jigging your portfolio, surely you chasing exponential returns in the lower caps is a way riskier strategy then maybe some the mid caps like ICON which have taken a beating…?

I understand what your doing, but isn’t this game also about risk management?

Interested to hear your thoughts mate.


@CraigMak Fair one, I get that. To be honest I DCA every week, but i have deliberately not over this past week due to this little pump. If we go higher so be it, but it’s the risk i’m taking in the fact that we are most likely to retrace at some point. At which point i’ll buy more with my weekly DCA.

Good entries on NEO and ICX to be fair! I agree, risk to reward ratio is pretty solid right now. It’s why I’m still investing fully into crypto. Along with my belief still that one day some of these projects will significantly increase in value, and resulting in making people a lot of money.

The more iv’e read into market psychology the more iv’e realised how driven markets are on human emotion. To that end, I feel it’s just a matter of time before another parabolic mania phase takes place within the crypto market again. Could be years, but I can and will wait :slight_smile:


Hope everyone is doing well! Think i got kinda lucky getting 1mill at 18 cents haha, next thing i know up 20%+ just keep accumulating guys an dont sell if ur life depended on it at this point. Also should consider bnb coins. Ive heard CZ pays his employees with bnb rather then fiat.


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