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Yeah i am a massive fan of BNB, i have a smallish holding of it but looking to increase that over the next year. My goal would be something like 500+ of BNB.

I am currently looking at Huobi Exchange or HT, similar to Binance and looking to tackle the asian markets. Good team, with solid market capture potential. Priced at $1 with a lot of movement to grow. Especially with a market cap of 55m and token supply of 55m tokens.

Does anyone know where i can store Huobi Token once purchased from their exchange??


Not trying to derail icon thread but being we are on the discussion of exchange tokens. I think BNB is good but does anyone have any thoughts on NEX?
@K_Godel Have you viewed Nex at all. Seems like they will have a great staking platform and they are doing everything to be compliant with the laws.


Regards to you re jigging your portfolio, surely you chasing exponential returns in the lower caps is a way riskier strategy then maybe some the mid caps like ICON which have taken a beating…?

Risk is relative. My strategy is to invest in promising startups before the market tries to play catch-up. I think I would say I probably have 1 or 2 gambles still in my portfolio (meaning they may or may not be LT)


couple month old video, but just came across it…


Nice one @airbaker

Starts to think about trying to run the Crash bot with Icon… smiles.



Have you got your bot running yet?


It is getting there… i have to start to put the bits together still fundamentals are there.


Keep it on their exchange. If they fall your investment will fall too…doesn’t matter where it is. :smiley:


icx and neo look the best for DCAS lol i remmember selling my 10,000 antshares under 1 dollar each … ( war flashbacks lol ) hahahahaha


i at least i got lucky with chaincoin in the past so its ok lol


Ouch! That’s life-changing money right there. It’s why I never sell anything, because I know that the moment I do, it’ll 1000x and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.


True, but hardly the safest place to keep it? :joy: there has to be a better alternative mate!


@Leo_Beal it’s an ERC20 token mate so can store it anywhere that supports ERC20!


Started buying back into my ICX DCA today. So low in comparison to my buys in the past. The risk to reward ratio for my is too good not to pass up. Even after this little run up.

Bags are heavy but I can see this being a winner. The vitals seem too strong to pass up.

I was prepared to pay $9 per IXC before. There’s noway I’m scared to be buying at 0.22.


Exactly the same mate, and since we are at super low prices right and now far off ico prices the risk to reward ratio makes investing right now a good option.

Jesus if icx goes ATH which I really think it will that’s 50x!


I feel exactly the same way. I’ve learnt from the past of not buy when crypto was dead and boring. I’m not risking missing the moon boat again.

Plus at these prices I don’t need to risk anywhere near as much capital for decent returns in comparison to a year ago


This is the thing most will fail at and something I have failed at too. Wanting to throw a lot of capital down on orders presently can still be extremely dangerous. I am not concerning myself with catching the bottom on 1 bid. More focused on DCAing in and around the bottom with less capital which is likely to last many months before beginning an uptrend.


Great Model! To the moon!


Great read! In the sample rewards for an ICONist staking he showed an example of earning 12% annually!? WOW! That’s much more generous than I expected.


Iv’e just started reading now, what have you guys made of it so far?