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Thanks for posting. I encourage people to read his statement as it does clarifying or address some of your guys’ concerns and questions. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t be surprised if ICX turned into a STO


Holy shit peeps, have you seen the volume on this hourly candle! Is this from the IPO news, Samsung, Whats up?


Big news here. :sweat_drops:

Cosmochain is the main app mentioned in the Samsung S10 reveal. It’s the only one listed other than BTC and ETH. Cosmochain is currently built on ETH, but have just signed an MOU to migrate over to ICON. Some people are speculating that the Samsung wallet is actually powered by ICON.


Just blew through that sell wall of 750,000 ICX in less than one minute. :star_struck:


Oh, the irony! :see_no_evil:



Nice little pump after a few weeks of DCA.


Video tour of ICON HQ in Seoul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqMFuhRfsRQ



Cool stuff. Keep posting for us and thanks for your contributions.


And I thought I finished to fast… :sob: it can’t be over already




I like this, also the top gainers are the ones rumored to be supported for the samsung phone


I just wish this type of info/rumors could’ve waited for when the worst of BTC has already happened :disappointed::see_no_evil:


I would hate to work in open office space especially near the person at 0:45 what are they doing? Is that a humidifier going full blast?


BUT BUT BUT Rik told me there is NO fundamental analysis in this market :cryingjordan::beetconnect:


How do you know it hasn’t already happened?


feeling fomo right now. my hand is floating over the buy button :o