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We can (and should) say this about every aspect of our lives. We’re all so out of control, and the internet makin’ it worse.


you are 100% incorrect. thanks to the internet i found the remote wrangler and i am now in full control of everything



Woah, does it come with the hair?


its available as an add-on option


fomo got me. i bought. if it tanks i blame you.


Icon up (green) in the 1 day, 3 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 3 month charts.

Still a 25 cent token. But that’s gotta feel good.


27 cents, but who’s counting!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where’s Rik? He seems to have left money on the table with his brilliant TA!


Those BTC pairings make reality a bitch. :grimacing:



I personally don’t really see the point in speculating ICON’s involvement with Samsung if they’ve already made it clear that they’re working with them.


insane hypebreaker coment
people here —>





Korean BBQ all the way :stuck_out_tongue: things are only going to get better from this point on.


Agreed. With Samsung coming out with their own wallet Apple is going to want to make sure they have one too… do we know who they are partnered with?


ICX forming a pennant on the hourly, and a rather defined ascending triangle on the lower time frames.

Looking like we might see some further upside, pending BTC keeps moving sideways for the next few days.

Based on the pennant height, it looks like 31c is in the cards, which also lines up with previous resistance.

Disclaimer: I’m usually wrong. :wink:


Something fishy is going on … maybe they don’t want to accept it just to not create false hopes again? or dont want to deal with impatient people that could create FUD later on?


DaVinci and Mmcrypto talking about Icon in their most recent video @35m16s. Will fix link


Quick follow up to my earlier TA post.

We had broken out of the pennant, but BTC fucked with it. So now we’ve retested the support trend line for the 4th time, and are now nearing the apex of the pennant.

This could also become an ascending triangle via the 28c horizontal resistance. Either way, this is a bullish pattern, and should resolve in the next few hours.

As I mentioned before, 31c is the next resistance up. After that, 40-42c is the target. The RR ratio is pretty damn nice given how tight the stop can be set.

Praying BTC plays nicely for the next few days. :icx:


Got in at .267540 been awaiting this since yesterday, with the noice around ICX at the moment i’m looking for a test and break of the 100 ma day so first tp for myself is .32 take some off the table and then let it run :pray:


Yeah, I just loaded up at 37c even. Seems we’re on the same page for profit taking as well (or close to it).

Obviously no guarantees that this plays out, but the setup does look textbook. :open_book::chart_with_upwards_trend: