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I had been stopped out during that BTC stop hunt yesterday morning, however I jumped back in at 28c as soon as I saw it stabilize. Cost me a bit of a premium (1c or so), but otherwise the trade is looking pretty good thus far. Looks like we may be pushing back up higher again as planned.

Glad you hit your initial TP target brother. Slow and steady. :wink:


Really hope for some 15 cent icx one last time… more funds are ready. Just waiting on btc to shit itself over some fud which usually comes out this time of the year


Three + months scraping bottom wasn’t long enough?

Edit “bottom”


are you sure it was the bottom? :thinking:



18 cents bottom didnt last me long enough I’ll tell ya that much…


hard to determine an alt bottom when it is 100% BTC price action dependant and BTC has not entered a bull mode yet.


That’s 100% incorrect


Don’t get caught with your :corn: out.




He’s right to an extent. ICX follows BTC very closely Satoshi wise. It’s rising in Satoshis right now due to positive sentiment on ICON, but it being mostly dependant on BTC isn’t a bad thing.


Guys it’s starting to feel like old times! Are we ready for 2019 hopium price predictions?!

Question: do you think ICX’s ATH and BTC’s ATH are correlated? In other words, when (not if), BTC starts the bull run and butts up against 20,000 again, will ICX follow in fashion to $12…or was ICX’s meteoric rise a product of the ICO craze and more of an elastic response.

My thoughts: I think at an absolute minimum, ICX will surpass ATHs again and creep into the top 10 on CMC. Hopefully by 2021’ish…


If we replicate Dec '17 - Jan '18 action and if we are interested in ALTs price, first we’d need to BTC to hit its ATH again, then money being dumped into alts, the interesting part now is that imagine the ATH price of BTC for the next run, most likely will be well above 20k and that amount being thrown into alts will be huge.

ALTs will have 3-4 years to gain value on its own projects, creating a higher base for when BTC money comes to ALTs … imagination is our own limit, some crazy numbers can be made in our heads.


I think you are going to have an opportunity to get more cheap coin. I dont think we are out of it yet. Positive signs though… still looking for btc sub 2k or there abouts. Could this be the calm before the storm?.. time will tell everything.


And just for where icon will end up. Time again will tell. 50 is certainly on the cards… and I hope it surpasses this value in the very long run.


50 bolivars? We’re already well past that, mate!


I am not sure how this site works. It is kinda confusing. But either way. I think that I am post on icx board and I have decide to take a position in this market… long position was taken at 6500 ish sat.


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