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I’m happy with an inflatable boat from ebay at this point and will settle with branches for paddles.


@airbaker show our new friend what your “office” looks like!


Gotta agree. Boats are where it’s at. :smiley:


Tyler speaks about pub favorites, Icon and Bezant.


Love his ICX promoting, hate his NEO bashing.


How accurate has this guy been in the past? How long has his channel been around?


I don’t know in terms of accuracy…not sure that he makes a lot of price target calls. I’ve been following him for about a year. He puts in a lot of work in terms of researching projects.


A few other youtubers have been talking about Icon as well. From a technical standpoint, ICX looks like it to explode I price. This makes me want to buy some.
I know it can’t go too much lower from this point forward, it’s price has been decimated.
How do you feel about it?


I’ve been a long time strong supporter. Mistakenly hodl’ed through the worst of the bear market, but have bought a significant amount during the recent lows so my average price is looking pretty good for the future run up. My last purchase was at 18 cents but there are a few chartist here that think it could go below that. I figure at the very least it’ll easily reach ATHs again, so with that mindset I don’t mind missing the absolute bottom if I’m still buying at a significant discount. I think the future is very bright.

Staking should commence sometime towards the end of the year and the formulas show a very generous return (9-12%)


theres always ppl who say its going lower


I have a long term view since bear market. Well actually always. We should be fine in years to come.



This is great news. Sad part BTC took a dump. Took entire market down.


Why is this bad?

Bingo time! :pepe:


Patience… just got a weird feeling something is getting played out behind the scenes thatll catch most people by surprise.


here’s a glimpse : https://twitter.com/minhokim/status/1102643339797553152


Just wondering if anyone can answer this. How come icx has very low daily txs… also seems some addresses are sending small portions of icx every 3 minutes from one address to another.

Could anyone elaborate/explain. Thanks in advance!


ICX low daily txs cuz nobody actually uses it yet.


Dapps aren’t ready, DEX isn’t released, no staking, etc.

All in due time.


Things are tested privately before being released to the public. As other people said, the DEX, dApps, and so on are all still in development. Things are happening behind the scenes, and you can check this by looking at their development tracker to see the difference in transactions: https://trackerdev.icon.foundation/

It can be a myriad of reasons such as an individual testing transactions, exchanges operating, development, general dApp usage, and so on. Definitely not just one reason :+1: .