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I appreciate you guys taking your time to respond! Thanks again people… was just curious when I came across it on the site thats all.



Gotta really wonder, the 2017 run up was wild-west + limited exchange options and lack of understanding of how everything works.

It just seems like there is an order of magnitude of more options, realization that crypto is here to stay, and these big operations working on their platforms having way more on ramps to acquire their coins and tokens.





It also means easier way to dump.


Who’s selling? If everyone buys and forgets about it at these prices we’ll come back in 6 months to >$1.



be mindful. “caught in a trap”.



thanks for this.
when S10 crypto wallet news came out, it would be curious if samsung didn’t take the opportunity to partner with icon. Will be interesting to watch this develop.


Nothing to see here keep walking :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


I hope we could break this huge resistance and shoot up for a bit


No rush bro. If anything I’d rather go through this now an get rid of the last of the weak hands. Last thing u want is people dumping once we really start moving… so let them sell now and move on to a real shit coin while we still accumulate


I’m starting to feel like I’m not buying enough ICX right now. There’s a lot of good news from Icon lately.


If your owning over 10k icx I’d say you’ve got enough to be life changing if icon come good, ATH that’s $100k USD and for a lot of people in here still pretty life changing if you know how handle and invest money to build sustainable wealth over a period of time.

Keep chipping away by all means boys, but don’t over extend yourself thinking you’d need 6 digits of ICX to become wealthy…

Spread the risk, little and often and that’s a really healthy positive start for a crypto portfolio… in my opinion :wink:


Getting better…should I be buying more? FOMO FOMO?

Total Invested Total Porfolio
$2,826.00 $1,049.59 -$1,776.41 -62.86%


There’s gotta be a pullback coming soon i think.


ICX has been a joy to trade for weeks now, shoutout to the pub and the coin you all love! I’m buying the .236 Fibonacci pullbacks for scalps on this one, works very well :slight_smile:


FOMO inc? 840 sats

min on twitter shilling a lil


ICX pumping? Bitcoin is going to dump. This indicator hasn’t failed me yet.


As much good news as there is, and people getting the feeling of FOMO,

i’m still with the bears for a while.

I just really like reading into and sharing the strides forward during the bear market. Shows to me atleast they aren’t one of the thousand failed projects that have given up.