ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



Too much moon action. Need more sub $0.20 ICX. :pig_nose:


Either that, or ICON announces that ICX will replace the KRW making it drop to a penny.


Yeah man, if and when BTC dumps icon comes down harder!

Some alts looking good though


Call me a disbeliever but I see it as all a distraction at this stage in the cycle. I need to see quite a few things confirmed on the monthly, weekly, and daily time frames before I would consider otherwise.


Screw all you guys, I haven’t seen ICX in the 0.30’s since November, time to buy…maybe. Capture


Bullish ICON lately :slight_smile:


What are the price targets for you everyone to start selling ICX ?


$100 :megusta:

i’m going to be holding this bag till i die…


No idea. Probably 50 or more AUD.


You and me both, buddy.


no short term target. about 10% when we hit about 20$. rest is hodl as long as i want. 100$+ maybe more. so high propability of never selling


ME2 :smiley: asdasfsdadsf
btw: where is Harry?


Yes, bro. Please sub $0.18 ICX… #comeoncryptogods


Sell enough to pay off house at 50 then hodl the rest for the kiddies. One can dream lol.


paying off house would be the dream but i need 100$ per icx for that depends on what tax i need to pay xD


$80 - $150…I’m just a simple hodl’er. BBQ in Seoul and a retirement party all in one!


I’ll take profits when BTC tops out lol, who knows what ICX will be by then!

It’s a good little run for Icon! I’m not too convinced the lows are in just yet though!

But good work if you caught this rally!


revised my plan over 80 now LOL.


With the last price drop. I wonder how much icx the pub holds.


a lot… like a lot a lot