ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



A lot would be correct. Does anyone know when there will be a dex available in Canada that will handle icx?


Hell yes, it is doable. This is a great project doing great things.


Probably 5-10% at $5, $10, $15, etc.


Yes but how did all great journeys start my friend? With a dream…:wink:


We get to $100 I’ll join you on that party too! :joy:


Bring it on baby


Fat jump to 34 cents. Icx looking real good past few months. Next target is to be up on the 6 month mark


We get to $100 I will be crashing that party as well. :icx:


When them free bitcoins come in from coinbase referral links just in time for DCA friday


If icon ever reaches to 100, im coming to whatever party we are going to have :grinning:


Right now IF IF and IF ICX goes to $3.50.


Loch Ness monster please go…


The volume increase is pretty large





Only down 7% on the 6 month chart!


i will bring cookies to the party


Has there been anything with icon that would reflect the current price increase? Or just people starting to realize the projects fundementals.


Sponsorship on Deblock/Japan, released token specs, maybe Hackerone fuss helping too, BTC loosing slight a bit of dominance & Binance bots being more active on ICX.